Tuesday, September 30, 2008

Baltimore and Chestertown

We had such a great whirlwind trip to Baltimore and D.C. this last weekend. We left Jackson early Thursday and flew most of the day, arriving at Washington Dulles airport in the midst of a downpour and traffic in the late afternoon. After maneuvering through the city on bus and the metro, our friend Adam Grace picked us up and we made a beeline for Chestertown, Maryland, an hour or so away.

We went there to visit our friend Katie who lives in Jackson, but grew up in Chestertown and just happened to be home to greet us. Such a wonderful house, we instantly felt like we could finally relax after a full day of traveling. We went crabbing (not catching, but eating) on Friday before we booked it to Adam's house in Baltimore. More pics of our weekend in D.C. tomorrow....

The Chicago O'Hare airport...cool,huh??

Trev and Katie's dogs taking a walk on their pier on the Chesapeake

Katie's awesome house in Chestertown...finally some relaxation!

Katie and her dog Gus just chilling

Trev and Adam getting ready to eat some crab

Trev testing his drawing skills

Crabbing in action

Adam is hooked

Katie and Chelsea

Crabs and pirates

High school buds.
Celebrating a grey day on Adam's rooftop in Baltimore.

Modeling the Baltimore cityscape

We tried to see an Orioles game ($1 tickets!) but it got rained out before we got to see any action

We did hang around the stadium for awhile, but the rain never let up, so instead we booked it to a bar and watched the Presidential debates which were awesome...a packed bar was mostly silent and glued to the 4 big screens.

More DC pics to follow tomorrow....

Thursday, September 25, 2008

Bye Jackson, our long weekend has begun!

We are off to Washington DC for a wedding this weekend! Fitting in a little bit of Baltimore and Chestertown, Maryland on the way!

We'll be back on Monday with lots of pics, have a great weekend!

*This is not really the plane we are taking. : )

Tuesday, September 23, 2008

Weekend of Rain

This weekend we decided to go on an overnight float down the South Fork river, despite waking up to rain and the nasty dark clouds hanging within view at the start of the float. We went with our friends Cody Barber, his dog, Colter and Des Jennings and had a great time until all of a sudden we knew we were in for it. Luckily, we were really close to the campsites when it started to pour! We hussled to get everything off the boat and the tents up and the shade structure in place and we were in for the night...at 3:00 in the afternoon! All that was left to do was nap, read and drink. We were treated to some of Cody's freestyle rapping which entertained us well into the night and when we woke up in the morning the sun was peaking through the overcast and shining our way. Floated the rest of the canyon on Sunday, the fishing was slow, but good times all around.

Floated right by two moose sitting and munching right off the bank

Des, Colter and Cody

Trevor sponging out the boat in the morning

**Did get some quality video, so hopefully will be able to put a short wrap-up of the weekend together soon!

Thursday, September 18, 2008

More from the madness that was the wedding week

Some memories from last year...

Getting ready for some kickball!
Shannon Bahrke, Liz Kenny, Chelsea, Jess Hendryx

Erin Korte, Liz, Sabrina Leunig, Paul Bancroft, Ana Liz Servin

Some rehearsals

Jess and Liz doing the "One-inch smile"

The wedding band's first practice...the night before the wedding!

Wednesday, September 17, 2008

Wakeboarding on Jackson Lake

Had an afternoon from the "get summer while it lasts" files today with my bud Dan out on his boat. We took off mid-afternoon once the sun finally warmed things up to a tolerable temp and spent the afternoon into the evening wakeboarding, fishing, and exploring around Jackson Lake. It was pure glass conditions and we pretty much had the lake to ourselves. Rad.


One year ago

This week we are taking a little trip down memory lane from our wedding week a year ago. Going through our old pics and there are some great memories. Watching the wedding video on Monday night was cracking us up and reminded us how lucky we are to have such great friends and family. I will post some random shots from last year all week, so keep posted!

Wedding Shower
Megan Ganong, Liz Kenny, Jan Ganong, Chelsea, Sally Martini, Christi Rassuchine, Jean Lange

My beautiful grandma Maxine, (we call her "Baba")

Katharine Lange, Megan Ganong, Chelsea, Liz Kenny, Sabrina Leunig

Sunday, September 14, 2008

Snake River Anniversary Float

So, tomorrow officially marks our one year anniversary! Crazy, huh? Seems like time has just flown by, yet we have done so many great things in the last year. This weekend to celebrate Trev and I went on a float down the South Fork of the Snake River and as a present to him, I rowed the drift boat so he could fish the whole way. What a lucky guy. ; )

This is me trying to keep myself occupied while Trev is fishing

Posing in front of the pretty waterfall

Alright, it is a long day of fishing...

Happier than ever

More fishing, at least it is beautiful scenery!

No complaints here!

Thanks to all who have sent us their pics from the wedding last year. So much fun to check out!

Thursday, September 11, 2008

Baby explosion

Big congrats to my cousin Robin Norris and her husband Diego on the birth of their new, healthy baby boy, Max John Norris. Stoked to meet him at Thanksgiving, he is damn cute!

Sunday, September 7, 2008

Marco Madness

Here is a small sampling of the 2007 Beaverfest festivities. If you want to join us this year, let us know soon!

Beaverfest / Marco is God Reunion Tour 2007 from Chelsea Robinson on Vimeo.

Beaverfest/Marco is God Reunion Tour 2008 is December 4-7th this year in Beaver Creek, CO. If you can honestly watch this movie without cracking a smile, you need not apply to this year's madness. Otherwise, see you there! : )

If you are having trouble watching this video, I also posted it here!

Saturday, September 6, 2008

Some Cheese

With the onset of winter happening here in the valley early this year, I decided to put on a couple of the cheesiest shots I could find from last winters ski shot vault. These are from a photo shoot Chels and I did for the clothing company Cloudveil. It was one of the only hardpack/non powder days of the whole winter. Hard to ski and try to smile for the camera all at the same time.

Hoping for an Indian summer, but we have new snow up high already and the ice scraper has been moved from the back of my truck to the front seat.