Wednesday, November 30, 2016

Back from the south land

 Super solid yearly voyage down to So Cal for Thanksgiving this year.  

First stop, Laguna Beach with Lizzy!  Awesome to be there for a long weekend hanging with her.  

Breakfast with a view!  Lizzy gets pretty rad views of the ocean from her front patio.  

 Love this shot!  Hanging at the park at the beach!  

 It was that darn beautiful!  My two faves watching the sun say bye.  

 Lizzy's  really bitching lil pad up in the hills.  

 When in So Cal and it is actually pretty damn cold what do you do?  Well, make a Duraflame fire of course!  

 We managed to do the entire 12 days without renting a car which always feels liberating.  

Yea, you are seeing that right!  Rain puddles in So Cal at the Irvine train station.  

 4 scenic hours later, arrived to easily one of our favorite places anywhere, Carpinteria.  

My mom picked us up.  Pretty sure Dash grew on the train ride up? 

 Probably my favorite place anywhere.  Period.  

California sure is crowded eh Dashman.

Thursday, November 17, 2016

New experiences

Things you do when it is the middle of November, records are being set for warm days and nights, there is now snow on the ground, and there is a super moon.  Yep, bike a bunch of miles in a national park under the moonlight.  A bud and I left town around 8 the other night and didn't get back much before midnight, but....., made it up to the lake and back without having to use our headlamps much, didn't run into any bears, and had an amazingly cool experience. 

Wednesday, November 16, 2016

The dude...

 Random shots of Dash being awesome this past week.  

Good to see him finally willing to wear a winter hat.  

Laundry helper.  

Monday, November 14, 2016

Down in Hoback

 We spent a bunch of time last weekend down in Hoback Jct exploring around.  

Woa, the river looked so fishable! 

 Leftover frost.

Scoping the view toward the east. 

Saturday, November 12, 2016

Big Thanks!

 November 11th is always a day for me to really be thankful for those that serve and help make this awesome country what it is.  I always try to honor them by doing something that is fun and appreciate the ability to do that thanks in part to their service to our country.  

So, thank you to Adam, Tony, George, Scott, Mike, Keelan and all the other vets.  

My bud Tony is still active.  I sent him a thanks yesterday and he sent me this shot.  Yesterday he was flying heli's on to big boats, while the rest of us just went about our days.  So to Tony and all the rest, I salute you!  

Normally we always try to go skiing or sledding or some combination of both on the 11th, but as you can see, we have had a historically warm November so far.  

Happy Bday Megan! 

Thursday, November 10, 2016

The process

 Tuesday morning, 7 am at our public library.  I was there right at 7 and it was absolutely packed.  Regardless of how you feel about the elections, one can not argue that the democratic process was alive and well.  I just hope our great nation and come together after such a divisive elections.  

Saw this online and felt if best summed up my thoughts. 

Monday, November 7, 2016

Make it last....

 Sunday funday with the Dashman.  We biked up to Jackson Lake and back and got treated to one of the more amazing days at the big lake I have ever seen.  

Quite the reflection.  

 So damn good.

 The lake is low this time of year, normally it would be starting to be icing over, but now, not so much.  

Polar enjoying the view. 

Sunday, November 6, 2016

Truly spectacular

 Yesterday very well might have been one of my favorite days with our lil guy!  All days are amazing, but yesterday was insanely cool.  I told him to pack his big boy lunch as we were going on a big one.  We ended up being gone from the house for 10 hours, biked over 40 miles, went out to breakfast, ran some errands, and he fell asleep in less than ten minutes (this never happens!).  Having the park road closed makes you wish it was this way more of the year.  

Team selfie in the late afternoon on the way back to the truck at Jenny Lake.  Not a human in sight, which if you know the area and Jenny Lake in July....., that is saying something!  

 The lil dude hung tough.

 Jenny Lake looking up Cascade Canyon.  

 What??????  The kids beach at String Lake with not a soul around?  Yep, that happened too!  This place, for obvious reasons, is kid nirvina in the summer and normally a shit show.  Not in November!  

 String Lake with Mt. Moran in the background.  

 Road biking paradise.

Lunch break.

Saturday, November 5, 2016

The best....

 Yesterday the Dashman and I capitalized on a lot of factors coming together for a perfect day!  I didnt have to work, it was 55 degrees out, and the park roads are closed as of Nov. 1.  I dont think I have ever ridden the park roads in November as it is normally pretty gnarly weather before they become snow covered for the winter, but yesterday, and today (headed back up in a bit for more exploring) was so amazing.  This is an aspect of living in Jackson that has honestly become a huge upside and something I really, really look forward to.  Getting to bike in what is essentially a shut down national park is unlike anything else.  Super cool. 

Taking a nap on the sled deck waiting for Dash to wake up from his!  

 An area that sees all kinds of traffic and tourists for the summer, actively coming back to nature with next to no people around is so rad.  

 Walking the line, 100% sober except for being punch drunk on happiness for being exposed to such amazing stuff out his front door step.

We stopped right in the middle of the road to have a picnic, blow bubbles, etc.  Amazing. 

Friday, November 4, 2016


 Was a bit anti-climatic in our house this year!  Well, just for me that is.  Chels managed to carve pumpkins with Dash....

 Dash reluctantly wore his wolf costume all day long.  

Chels made a hot grandma, Dash still reluctant......And I worked on documents due for the Court for work until about midnight.  Ugh......

Next year will get more into it. 

Tuesday, November 1, 2016


 Life isn't always about fund and games Dashman, wait, it is......, when you get to drive a car around the grocery store and a basket around  the laundromat.