Sunday, January 31, 2016

Until next year, hopefully.....0

 It's hard to know where to even start with thanks and appreciation for this mid winter get away that happened, but....Mom and Dad, we can't thank you enough.  We had such a blast.  

Long legged Dash on the day we had to leave, I am pretty sure he still had sand on his feet getting on the plane for the red eye back to the main land.  

 The ocean was warmer than the pool in the afternoons and Dash liked the sand and the waves.  

 Fresh off the plane with tropical flowers making life awesome.  

 The Robinson dudes hanging tough at the golf tournament.  

 It was a pretty easy rhythm to get into with evening sunsets and cocktails.  

 Dash is a water dude, no doubt about it.  

 Of the 11 days we were there, pretty sure my old man and I boogied 10 of them.  What a treat to start your day with a morning session.  Well done Dad, the mainlander in his late 60's caught all kinds of great waves.  

 Too much golf, not enough sleep catches up with an 11 month old.  

 "Chels, you are the most amazing and beautiful wife of all time" or something like that.......!

 This is nice...

 Dash hit the 11 month old mark while in the islands, and was photogenic per usual.  

 Beautiful shot of a boogier making the drop at Sandy's in about two inches of water.  

 Take us back, pleeeeeeze....

 Uneccessary gear for our kid parents we are not!  Only the essentials.  

 Who knew that the baby sunscreen would have been Dash's favorite toy of the trip?

 Stretching the legs 

 This having fun stuff sure does wear me out!  


Saturday, January 30, 2016

A world away...

 We went on a couple of hikes while in the islands which were saweeeeeet.  Cool to listen to the different birds than from home and have it be so green, all in January!  

 Thick canopy of trees to shade up under while hiking, check.  

 The gang.

GR's and Grams, looking off toward the ocean.  

 Dash my friend, you and the relationship you have with the Bjorn is about done my friend.  You are too darn big amigo.  

 We are pretty damn simplistic when it comes to gear for the Dashman.  No chair needed, just sit in or backpack and eat off of a carrot.  

All that hiking sure does wear a lil dude out! 

Friday, January 29, 2016

Take us back...

 It's pretty dark, but that is a giraffe, and Chels, and Dash, doing what else, smiling.  Grandpa GR's got to take Dash to the zoo for his first visit.  Dash loved the giraffe's and the zebra's the most.  How could you not?  

 We headed up to the North Shore one day to watch the massive surf and get into the country so to speak.  

 Hard to tell what is going on here, but this is probably the most famous wave in the world.  "Pipeline"

 Ummmm, ok Dashman, slow down with this growing up stuff.  Seriously......

 Ending days like this is nice. 

 Shading up at the pool with Grams.  

 Daily swims with the gang.

 Admittedly, a bit of filtering, but it looked pretty close to this in real life.  

Dash, all tuckered out after an 8 plus mile walk with Grams.   

I promise, no genitalia was harmed during the taking of this photo!!

Wednesday, January 27, 2016

More from the 808

 I love everything about this photo.  Pretty much sums up our trip.  Nothing but happiness.  

 Dash, Chels, empty pool, not a bad view.  

 THanks to these two for making it all happen.  Sure do love you guys.  

 Headed out to Sandy Beach one day to scope the body surfing scene.  Always entertaining! 

 Dashman diggin the sights. 

 This was one badass walking path!  

 Nightly routine of cocktails and watching the sun go down.  

 Easy there killer.  

Bed time stories with Grams. 

Tuesday, January 26, 2016


 We are just coming up for cold Wyoming air after having been in Hawaii for close to two weeks!  As you will see in the next few posts, it was awesome, warm, perfect, and fantastic.  Such a treat to be able to spend quality time with my folks, Dash, and Chels.  

Swimming in the pool with the lil dude.  

 And I finally got to attend one of my lifelong wants in the sporting event world, a PGA golf tournament.  Lucky for us, the Sony Open was happening literally right across the street from where we were staying and we spent the better part of 4 days entirely watching it live, with some surf and beach lounging thrown in too.  

Some of the guys, hitting on the range until dark.  

 Dash had such a good time chasing the pros around and trying his best to be quiet, most of the time very unsuccessfully!  

 The first couple of days of the tournament the crowds were virtually non existent which was awesome.  We got to follow some big names and get close enough to hear which club they were selecting with their caddies.  Davis Love III, still doing it after all these years, impressive.  

 Watching some of the later new Q school grads coming in the first day.  

 Dad and Dash, happy as could be.  

 Chels and I were on Dash duty throughout the days at the course, one would be able to get close to the action while the other had to keep Dash corralled long away from the players.  

 Being this close to the action and watching guys that good at what they do was outstanding.  

Tough to beat this!