Sunday, May 18, 2014

Solo Mission

All the high elevation trails in Jackson and the surrounding mountains are still a month and a half away from being rideable.  So, if on the way down to SLC for the weekend why not stop off and ride?  
I went into a powersports dealer in Pocatello and they turned me in the right direction to a fun trial outta Mcammon, ID.  Lots of downed trees, creek crossings, and eventually, waist deep snow that turned me around.  

Tuesday, May 13, 2014

Happy Mother's Day!

 Admittedly I am a bit  tardy in wishing my badass mom a happy Mother's Day, but better late than never.  Mom, you are an amazing woman and a  true inspiration.  I love you so much, thanks for the fun photos!  

Boise, ID, soccer tournament, circa 1996.

 Maybe my first bath, I dont look all that happy, Cd'A, circa May 1979!

Mom, you look so much better than me!  Lake Cd'A circa June, 1979. 

Thursday, May 8, 2014


The race is on!  I don't know what is going to happen first, the King melting off to the point that it is no longer ski worthy from top to bottom or I hit 100 days of skiing for the winter!  I am hoping they coincide sometime next week.  I am at 97 days for the winter and as you can see, there aren't many more turns left toward the bottom of the King.  Regardless, I had a few inches of fresh today on top to make turns in and fun slush toward the bottom.  I love hiking and skiing the King everyday on my lunch break.  It gets my mind off work and fresh air in my lungs. 

Wednesday, May 7, 2014

That happened...

Best part Salt Lake City in the spring time?  It is actually sunny, warm, and the grass is green.  Pretty sweet.  Golf season officially started last weekend with the Happe's down in SLC. 

Sunday, May 4, 2014

Missing it down south already!

 Chels and Kristen were rockstars on their lil ttr 125's!  It is so fun to watch them rip up big climbs and techy sections on these moto's.

 Anna, sampling a "Dirty Kristen" which is a dirty martini alamode'!

 Between Woodside and Moab, Steve, Aaaron and I headed to Rabbit Valley which straddles the border of Colorado and Utah.  It was easily one of the best places I have ever ridden moto.  Epic trails, sweet camping, and no crowds!  
Steve on the Rim trail.  We did a huge 70 mile enduro loop one day all the way to the far ridgeline that you can see in the distance and back all on amazing singletrack.

 The weather got a  little western one day down in Moab, so, we jumped in the truck and went for a drive up to Dead Horse Point.  Super cool place looking down on CanyonLands NP.

 Of Course went for an evening jaunt up to the Delicate Arch.

 Aaron and Steve surveying our amazing camping spot overlooking the Colorado River in Rabbit Valley.

 The boys getting out of the sun on the Rim Trail in Rabbit Valley.

 The first day of my 35th bday was about as good as it could be!  Riding Porcupine Rim outta Moab.  Yahoo.

Part of the crew taking in the scene at Delicate Arch. 

Thursday, May 1, 2014

One of my favorite places

 Me and the Jackson moto boys had always talked about putting together a 10  plus day trip down to the desert and this was the year we made it happen.  In spring's past, we would normally go down 2 if not 3 times down south to ride, get out of the snow, etc.  The travel back and forth is a bit of a drag, so, this spring we opted to just say a whole week and bookend it with a coupe of weekends.  This  recipe for fun might just have to stick around.  The first weekend we rode one of my favorite places to ride anywhere, the San Rafael Swell.  We camped in our normal spot and rode all of our favorite epic rides.  

Camp, looking to the north.  The "Swell" is so awesome because you never see another person besides those in your own group riding down there.

 Scuba Steve making the transition from sled to moto look pretty seamless!

 Doesn't get a whole lot better.  Warm weather, a big ol moto posse amazing trails.  

 Shannon leading Matt on a sweet section of singletrack.  Yea Happes.

Fires down in the Swell tend to be on the large side of things.  
 Some of the Jackson crew brought down a toy hauler that had a pressure washer attached to it.  PRetty sweet to be able to clean your motos while drinking a cold beer and watching the sunset.

 Dane, from Jackson, Charging.  Must be fast, he has numbers!

Ahh, my favorite trail down there and the only one that we know of that is actually named.  "Odd's Trail" you never let us down for your sheer brute, fun, and techy-ness.