Wednesday, August 27, 2014

Too good.

Last round of shots from the weekend up in North Idaho.  Steve charging down a sweet section of right at the tree line elevation goodness, looking north toward the Canadian border.
 Soaking up the view.

Mom and Dad, you guys are timeless classics and I love you both so much.  Thanks again for being the best hosts (always) and taking such good care of your moto boys.  We will be back next summer for more shennanigans.
 The before picture, fully bright eyed and bushy  tailed.  From L to R, Drew, Aaron, me, and Steve.

and nearly 11 hours later, completely worn out, but super stoked.  Cheers boys, one hell of a weekend. 

Tuesday, August 26, 2014

Outstanding with a big ol O

I feel like the moto crew and I have traveled far and wide in search of epic trails all over the inter-mountain west.  We are never disappointed  to any of the cool places we have explored whether it be in the desert and or the mountains.  But I gotta say, the boys and I both trips to North Idaho kept saying "this is the best mountain moto in the west!"  Growing up in the area and not being into moto at that point I had no idea the adult playground that was right out my back doorstep.  NOw that I do, I want to make an annual pilgrimage each and every year.  Of course it is also highlighted by getting to stay with my Mom and Dad who run the best Moto B and B this side of the MIssissippi!  My Dad pulled the ultimate bro move this year and shuttled our truck and trailer 6 hours into Montana and back and met us 10 hours later after we rode a 70 mile epic.  Thanks again Dad.  

Drew and Steve, crossing one of the what seemed like hundreds of scree fields.  Yes, it's as sketchy as it looks, but once you get the hang of it and gain some confidence on the moving rocks it is actually a ton of fun. 

 Sometimes the trail goes right down a creek.  Hah, advanced apologies Dad!  We knew you would be fired up on this shot!  We didnt kill any fish, dont worry.  

 Drew charging, with the CDA River basin off below and the Cabinet Mountains in the distance.  

 This days ride was super burly.  It straddled the Idaho and Montana border the entire way.  We can across snow which I couldn't believe was still hanging around given that the elevation of the highest peaks in the area top out around 7k.

 Me with the Jordan Saddle and the rest of the amazing CDA River network in the background.

 Moto'ing, its an adventure!  70  miles is a hell of a long ways to traverse in a day in the mountains.  Invariably it requires route finding, map skills, and a lot of patience!  

 Hell yea!

Monday, August 25, 2014


 After finding moto nirvana last summer up in North Idaho the crew and I decided long ago that this trip needs to be repeated every year that it is possible.  So, while motoing in June in Sun Valley we set a weekend and hatched a plan to head back to North Idaho in late August.  We waited, and waited, and waited until this past weekend came, and once it did, we were not let down.  The quality of the trails up there are second to none.  

Aaron, taking a breather on the Centennial Trail. 

 Aaron, Steveo and Drew atop Facet Peak above Independence Creek, looking toward Canada.

 The boys debating just how punishing the evening showers might be.

Scuba Steve traded in his old truck for a really pimped out new truck.  NBD! 

Wednesday, August 20, 2014

Floating is the best

 Really cant think of a better way to spend a lazy Sunday than with friends on the river in the summertime!  SUnday the beers were cold, the company was top notch...

and fish were caught.

Tuesday, August 19, 2014


 Sometimes it's the little things that bring happiness in life.  Like yesterday, when on a work trip over in norther Wyoming, I got to do easily the best road ride I have ever done in Wyoming up and over the Big Horn Mountains between Buffalo, WY and Worland, WY via Powder River Pass.  It included an 18 mile downhill decent.  So fun.

Or coming home to Stevie and his neighborhood pal Wilsox.

Saturday, August 16, 2014

Patience is key

Steve and I scored a ride for the ages last night, but it took a lot of patience.  This August has been as stormy as any I can ever remember.  We waited out three different storms yesterday afternoon and sat glued to our phones, watching the radar, until the sun finally popped.  We were rewarded with a beautiful ride up in the BigHole Mountains.  Didnt see another track and or human.  We hammered all the way until it got dark.  

Steve, taking a break atop Garns Peak.
 Fall comes early in our area.  It already feels like the early hints.  Amazing vista looking east toward the Tetons and the Teton Valley.

 Resting atop Reds Mountain.

 Damn it, the days are getting shorter!

Climbing toward the top.  Yep, that is a leg nowhere near the foot peg!  Controlled chaos, that is Moto.

Tuesday, August 12, 2014

Full on SUmmer

 Marco and Anna came to town last weekend for an epic visit.  Well, summer is being drank like a fine wine right now!  

Marco, airing the Gros Venture rock!  

 Our float crew on Sunday.  So much fun! 

 Another beach side picnic at Jackson Lake.  

And sunrise road biking. 

Wednesday, August 6, 2014

Sun is Spectacular

 Lizzy was back in the house last weekend.  She is a true woman of mystery, showing up in Jackson and other places we love to frequent often.  We always have such a fun time hanging with Lizzy at what she affectionately calls "Camp Robinson."  See these shots makes me stoked for it to be sunny again.  It has literally rained 4 days straight.  I have never seen it do this in August here before.  SOrry California friends, you must be jealous!  Fire danger has gone from little to virtually non existent.  

Chels and Lizzy descending Josie's Ridge.

 We spent an amazing afternoon chilling at Jackson Lake.  Nate came by to say whats up in his boat.  

 Chels doing lunges for good measure.

 Easily one of my favorite places to swim anywhere.  Chels using our new noodles.  


Tuesday, August 5, 2014

Weekend fun.

 Chels and I spent Saturday over in Idaho relaxing, kayaking, and golfing.  

Chels, getting some yoga in and looking beautiful, per usual!

 My college buddy Brian works for GoPro and sent me a brand new GoPro last winter.  We haven't really used it much, but have made a pledge to start using it more.  Scope out some of the fun shots we took with the GoPro.  More to come in the weekends to follow!

 Water shot.

 Teton River from above via Go Pro.

 Fun to be able to get new angles via a camera.

Monday, August 4, 2014

Friday's Are the Coolest

 Easily one of the largest fringe benefits to my job is having Friday's off.  It is 52 more opportunities a year to do something fun.  

Amen, Teton Dirt is the best!

 Alex and I went for a sweet ride up in the Bighole Mountains in Idaho.  It was sunny, rain, hail, etc.  Had it all.  Alex, getting to the top of a climb on the BH Crest Trail.

We spotted a fire up toward the very top of the ride and called the Forrest Service and gave them the GPS coordinates of where we were at.  It looked like lightening had caused it.  
Me, on top of Garnes Peak, highest point of the BH's.
Alex catching a breather with the Teton Valley in the background.

Sunday, August 3, 2014

Live and Free

 Jackson has so many amazing attributes in the summer time its tough to touch all the bases.  Live, free music has really started to take off in the past three summers.  There are 3 live, free shows every week now.  Victor, ID has Music on Main Thursdays, Snow King has random shows, and JHMR has music on the commons Sunday nights.  Its all awesome.  

Chels, tailgating before James McMurtry show last week in Victor, ID.