Friday, August 30, 2013

Me, lately

Here is a little of what I have been up to lately. The other day, I met up with BB and Tait, two of the girls that I ski coach in the winter. After several meowing voicemails from them (they love Stevie)(wait, how do they have my phone number??), we decided to meet up for bagels. So we went and got bagels and it was awesome. They crack me up. Here are some outtakes from our professional model shoot. : )


 Definitely looking forward to another ski season!

 Then Hannah and I went to the beach which was nice until these clouds rolled in like they owned the place and it sprinkled a little, but we didn't care.

 We just played with our cantaloupe instead. 

And here is cute litte Steve, curious about blueberries. I am trying to turn him into a vegetarian, but I don't think he is interested.

Summer, I love you.

Wednesday, August 28, 2013

Until next time Cd'A

We were pretty sore the last day and in need of a relax, so, we went around Tubbs Hill, went for a swim, then drove home.  

My dad, swimming for the first time on Tubbs "since the freaking 80's dude."
 One of the best places to swim anywhere.

 Fun little note I found on a porta potty on our trip.

 Me and the folks, and Matty, the golden,  Love you guys so much, thanks for the awesome hospitality. 

 Rolling real dirty.

Tuesday, August 27, 2013

Almost at a loss

for words to describe how epic of a weekend a few days ago.  Non stop moto all day, hang with my folks, and soak up the radness that is where I grew up.  Still glowing!

Looking down the city beach toward my buddies houses growing up.
Post 80 mile moto ride swim, downtown CdA.  Love this place.
One of the bigger takeaways from the weekend was getting to see so much country that I had never seen before in a short amount of time.  Steve, looking down on Lake Pend Oreille 3,000ft above lake level on the "Green Monarchs."  The Monarchs are often seen from lake level, but to actually ride to the top of them via moto took hours of gnarly singletrack to get there, but wow, insane view! 

It wouldn't be a true adventure if two out of three of us didn't run out of gas and have to siphon.  Hmm, 91 Octane for dinner?  

After Steve siphoned from me, I eventually ran out of gas trying to limp back to the truck to meet the boys.  I came up about 5 miles short.  Luckily, the North Idaho woods are filled with folks that think driving roads, shooting guns, and drinking beers is a national sport.  So, I hopped a ride with a gool ol North Idaho boy who was drunk, packing pistol heat, and just driving around with his fam.  In true Idaho fashion, he and I threw my moto in the back of his truck and he gave me a ride back to where our truck was parked.  I have found that moto's seem to be universal currency for other people that are the type of folks that dont drive by someone in need, rather, pull over to help them out.  

My moto in the back of the truck, all empty.

North Idaho has so many insane moto trails its truly mind boggling.  Drew, looking down at the Clark Fork Delta.

We started one of our rides right in town on Canfield Mtn and ran into my mom, the dogs, and one of her buds who were out on a hike.  

Top of Canfield Mtn, looking south down to good ol Cda....

Monday, August 26, 2013

Near Canada, eh...

 The moto tribe headed north last weekend after we  got smoked out of our planned trip to ride to Sun Valley from Jackson.  Literally, Sun Valley was on fire, so, we bailed north to where I grew up and had the most rocking weekend of hanging with my parents and doing nothing, absolutely nothing, but hammering moto all day long.  We found paradise in the form of outrageous single track, no crowds, and the best hospitality around!

Steve, stoked to get out of the truck on the first day after a bunch of hours staring at a windshield, up Independence Creek.

 Good ol Murfy, the welcoming committee.  

 Compared to home, North Idaho is like being in the tropics.  It is so lush and green up there still.  I almost forgot how amazing of a place I grew up in.

Weber Saddle, day 1, still 40 miles to go. 

Tuesday, August 20, 2013

In case you haven't noticed.....

 Chels has been residing near dominationville on the moto.  It has been so cool to watch her progress and see the grin from ear to ear be a steady constant.  

Catching the evening sunset last night up Munger.

Monday, August 19, 2013

Weekend goodness all bottled up

 Hot August favorite redhead cooling off in Fall Creek mid moto ride. 

 You gotta be stylie, no matter the passion.  

 Chels, attacking a fun banked turn out on Munger Mountain. 

 Skiing and Moto'ing have all sorts of parallels.  One thing remains constant, hide speed arcs never ever get old. 

 Ben Jones, Chels, Anna, Dane and Jasmine enjoying an afternoon spent relaxing along the shores of String Lake.

 Redneck Riveria with a view.

 More swimming, more hot days.  Behind our apt in Flat Creek.  Hi Keeley.

One of the cooler parts of the weekend, seeing this huge ol grey owl swoop right over Chelsea's head as she rode moto down the trail.  He then let us get under him for a cool up close shot. 

Friday, August 16, 2013

A few more random shots

We had a blast over in Dubois last weekend for the wedding, and, even managed to not start another forest fire despite out best efforts.
1992 or 2013?  Only way to tell is the modern lady.
What did I say about a modern lady?

Wednesday, August 14, 2013

Sweet Jenny

 Jenny Lake is always a fun lil excursion from home after a day at work in the summer.  That is one of the best parts of living here, no matter how much you explore, you are always finding new, rad places.  We came across this sweet beach on the southern shore that we had never chilled at before.  

 Elevating, but with a view.  The foot is close to being back to speed, still tender, but I got on my road bike today which felt so damn good. 

 Solitude and bliss. 

At first there was glass, then it turned to whitecaps. 

Tuesday, August 13, 2013

Case, you are the man!

 Lucky for me, my good bud Case is about as handy as a pair of snowboots in the winter!  Case's new found love of bending metal came into play with my moto trailer.  Well, it's no where near being legal and I thought it was finally time to try and get it registered and legit.  So....., Case went to welding and it looks so legit now.  

 What good welder doesn't have a younger apprentice?  Wyatt keeping tabs on his ol mans helmet. 

 The new fender in its infant stages.

 "Buzz Light Year and Beyond."

The finished product is amazing.  Thanks again Case.  The new fender is way cooler looking than the old one, and I now have a welded gas can holder for the trailer.  Badass. 

The next Shine OM Retreat...

So excited to announce my next Yoga & Healing Retreat at Jakey's Fork Homestead this fall. It is going to be a 3-day fall cleansing retreat with yoga, meditation, amazing vegan meals, and workshops on detox techniques, medicinal plant tutorials and partner Thai massage practice. So fun! Hope you can join, first come, first serve. Please pass along to anyone you think might be interested and check out the Shine OM Retreats website for more info!

Monday, August 12, 2013

Love you summer

Another great weekend. Even with Trev still layed up and gimping around, we managed to make the most of it as best we could. Started with a little picnic outside on our back patio with Stevie joining us for some awesome vegan collaboration I came up with.

 My two favorite boys and yummy food and wine on a warm summer night, can't beat it!!!

Friday we took the kayaks to Jenny Lake for a little paddle.

    Still elevating, just with a better view than the couch.

Scenic reading at its finest.

 We did have to paddle across in a little rain squall, but it was kind of fun and then the sun was back. Typical.


On Saturday we headed over to Dubois to Jakey's Fork Homestead where I held my yoga retreat, for our friends' wedding. Here is Virginia walking down the aisle with her dad. 

Walt and Virg. I swear they are happier about this marriage than they look!


The scene. I love it here!

And cutting the cake.

 Me and Trev under the lights.


Hamming it up with limited props in the photo booth!


Love this guy...another fun weekend in the books!