Sunday, July 31, 2011

The Big SLC

Last week we drove down to Salt Lake City to pick up my dad from the airport, but not before Trev surprised me with a date night to see Bela Fleck and Bruce Hornsby at the Red Butte Gardens in SLC!

What is a date night without your special little brother? Since Marco is living and training in Park City right now, he tagged along with to the show. Great night with my two favorite guys!

The scene. People had obviously done this before, they had their picnic scenes dialed.

Our hodgepodge of a picnic with....fried chicken?...really Trev? At least we had a Navajo rug to display our goods on.

Stoked to see some live music!

Not sure what says SUMMER more than cherries and ridiculous glasses.

Bruce Hornsby was awesome, even playing a cover of Pink Floyd's "Comfortably Numb"....thanks for the great surprise Trev! Lucky girl I am.

Tuesday, July 26, 2011

Adam and Katie, part 2

Even though Adam and Katie were only here for 3 days, we gave them their money's worth! Of course that included a float down the Snake with the most beautiful backdrop there is...

Katie, Ted and I just chillin' with the Tetons

Adam trying to show up the backdrop

And the guns are out!

At the end of the float, after a lot of begging, we let Adam take the oars...little did he realize that would leave Katie up front with the likes of Ted. Watch out Adam.

The next day, before they had to take off, we took the tram to the top of the ski resort and got waffles for breakfast.

And jumped in front of the tram,

And hiked down to Corbet's Couloir which looked ridiculously steep without snow.

Trev and I leaping at the top of the world.

Adam and Katie with the tram coming up between the Couloir.

Adam doing a little scrambling.


This was the result of giving the camera to a 7-year-old Chinese boy...but hey, the pre-jump is fun too, right?

Great trip guys, thanks for the visit!

Sunday, July 24, 2011

Grizz-pop and Katie, part 1

Had a baller weekend with my high school bud Adam and his girlfriend Katie in town. Seems like it had been way too long since we had been in Jackson for a full weekend. It's always fun having visitors in town and showing them around what we think is easily one of the best playgrounds anywhere.

Grace and Me, on top of Josie's Ridge.

It was Katie's first time in Wyoming and Adam has visited a ton in the winter, but never in the summer. Think they will be back again soon!
Adam and Katie, high above Jackson with the Tetons in the background.

Our friends Dan and Ashleigh Walker have a pimping boat and were awesome enough to take us up to Jackson Lake on Friday. Thanks Dan and Ash, kick ass day up there!

Adam, stoked, about ready to get in the still pretty chilly Jackson Lake.

Adam deploys almost half of the year flying for the Maryland National Guard. He just got back from three months in Iraq. Pretty sure after being in 120 degree heat some "cold" Wyoming water didn't bother him much.

Katie, mid jump.

I can wakeboard, but it isn't pretty! Luckily the scenery makes up for it.

Katie, charging, while Ash chills.

Danno, many thanks for throwing out the wakes for us all afternoon.

Grizz, classic shot, jumping the wake, with the Tetons in the background.

Inverted, but he didn't stick it.

Wednesday, July 20, 2011

Cd'A Rocks

After the Grand Ronde trip in Oregon I went "home" to hang with my mom and dad for a few days in Cd'A. It was awesome being at home with them, their dogs, and all that is badass about a Cd'A summer.

Shot of the dirt road heading out of the Grand Ronde toward Clarkston, WA. The Grand Ronde and the pull out are at the bottom of that huge valley!

Did a ton of biking while home. This is a shot of one of the countless tunnels on the Trail to the Hiawatha trail which is on the Old Milwaukee rail road line that has since been converted to a bike path.

17 miles down, only to have to come back up it.

My dad, getting some.

Getting ready to ride the last, and longest tunnel. It is two miles long, really dark, and super cold.

And no Cd'A visit would be complete without playing the world renown Cd'A Resort Golf Course. My mom has worked as a caddy at the resort for years, so, lucky for us, she can get us playing privileges at one of the best courses anywhere in the world.

The third green, right on the lake. Paradise.

My mom, getting ready to launch one toward the lake.

And of course, the infamous floating green.

Grande Ronde

Took me a bit to get these shots up, but here they are from the boys river trip to Oregon the week before the Smith River trip.

Rigs at the put-in, Minam, OR. Population.....about 8.

Standard river debotchery the day of putting on trying to figure out how to get 40 cases of beer properly cooled, packaged, and ready for consumption.

It is a sweet trip, filled with all kinds of good times. The water was really high, dirty, and we essentially didn't fish at all.

So high in fact, we sank my drift boat to the bottom of the river! Chris is on top of the bottom of the drifter trying to figure out how to attach a strap to it to winch it out.

Sitting around the campfire trying to make sense of the sinking of a boat, loosing all the gear, how we were going to row it out the next 4 days, and where the hell the Barber Barge was?

That there is what a raging river can do to some fiberglass. Ooops.

Yep, the rowers seat and front fishing seat both got ripped out, not to mention the gunnels. Some well positioned duct tape sufficed for the leak on the bottom of the boat.

And there she is, floating strong, the next day after being resurrected from the bottom of the river. Thanks Nate!

Oh yea, the drifter didn't want to feel along in it's weakened state, so, for good measure, Jacko's raft suffered a 6 inch gash. The crew, sitting around, bullshitting, waiting for the patch to adhere.

Despite all the boat issues, the Grand Ronde was a really cool stretch of river mixed with wilderness, roadless area up top for the first couple of days, then a healthy dose of desert floating the last couple too.

Caught our only rain of the trip on the 3rd night.

Hell yea.

Battle tested!

Ohh yea, and Proops managed to get a treble hook into his knee. "Anyone have a piece of leather, a stick, and some whiskey?"

Perhaps the shot of the trip. I will leave the explanation up to your imagination on this one!

Our last nights camp.

Just about to the take out.

It is just me, or does BC look like he is taller than Yao Ming on steroids in this shot?

Yea boys, epic trip, already stoked to find a new river to explore next summer.