Monday, December 30, 2013

Fun in the Sun

 The next best thing to it dumping in the winter is it being sunny.  Last week was just that!  

The first dawn patrol of the winter brought some pretty sweet conditions.  Des, letting er rip on the NE Ridge of Glory.

 It was as beautiful and as cold as it looks.

Something about starting your day off with a hike in the dark and a sunrise pow lap, it is really tough to beat.

 Me, trying to haul as much ass as possible.

 Hello new day.

2013 has been a total thumbs up year for us.  Hoping the same for you and all the best in 2014.  Come visit!

Friday, December 27, 2013

Christmas Goodness

 It was a beautiful blue bird Christmas in the Hole and we enjoyed it thoroughly!

A little taste of our Christmas tree.

 Trev and I had a mellow morning...we opened a few presents, made a kick-ass breakfast complete with vegan nog and cinnamon rolls, yummmmm!

And then we hit the slopes and it was gorgeous out!

And Ted joined us and the boys did their senior portrait poses to cap off the afternoon.

The tram descending on the last run of the day as the sun leaves the mountain in the shadows. 
Love this beautiful place we live. Hope everyone had a great Christmas celebration!

Thursday, December 26, 2013

Beaver Creek Wrap Up!

Where does the time go??? Eek! Felt like we were just there and now Christmas is behind us already, time to get the last Beaverfest pics up on the blog before they are completely irrelevant!

Bavarian-themed dinner, night one and it rocked. Obvi.
Keely, Chelsea, Angeline and Lizard.

 Ang and Liz making it clear who they are cheering for!

 No blue bird weather for these racers.

 Hugs for Marco in the finish

 Errol, Beaverfest '13 MVP, getting a special embrace from his favorite racer!

 Our awesome ski posse tearing up the slopes!

 Keelan's debut of the newest superhero...Marco Man!

 Trev and Marco after his run

 Lizard, still trying to win Marco over.

 So awesome, we got to make a few turns with Ashlyn and Skylar (and Jeff!)...ripping 5-year-olds are the coolest!
Ashlyn about ready to show me and Jeff how it's done.

 Ash and Sky also joined the Marco Rocks crew in the stands for some craziness!

 Des' skunk hat was a real hit with the ladies.

 A little bit of our scene.

 And the one and only...Marco's mother!

 Anything for my bro.

 Ashy looking like a little Oompa Loompa in the stands

Adios Beaver Creek...until next year!!!

Monday, December 23, 2013

Good and only getting better.

 The riding was really good last weekend, and as I type this, it's puking outside, so, it should only be that much deeper and filled in by next weekend.  I find it is really hard to take photos while sledding because I am so fired up on riding the last thing I want to do is stop to take photos.  

Keith, Drew, and the "Stripe" about ready to put on a few more layers after a long day riding en route back to the truck.  So good!

Sunday, December 22, 2013

Sweet Friday

 The weekend started off with a bang on Friday getting in a bit of sledding and a bit of skiing.  Loving this new piece of machinery.  It's amazing.  

 Chels freaking rips.  So fun making groomer laps with her.  

Tuesday, December 17, 2013

Da Beav....

 Beaver Creek and the Marco Rocks Fan Club lived up to every bit of the hype and then some as usual.  The crew brought it strong this year, made a lot of noise, had a ton of fun, and froze like icicles.  

Marco Man and his buds.  Take notice, the Marco Rocks Fan Club now has official groupies.  Hilarious.

 Tahoe representing the Marco love.  Keelan and Chels.

 Teddy, Lizzy, Keeley and Ang, first night, making some Bavarian food and lasting memories.

 Our bud "T" who came all the way from New Hampshire to run and gun for rookie of the year.  DOIng a good job of it here, hanging with the Korbel Champange girls.

 Yep, it was so cold that if one wanted to drink there beer before it turned to slush, it had to be insulated.  Teddy, sacrificing his hand to eventual frostbite on the account of a non-frozen beer.

The Bavarian Ladies, rocking it.

Monday, December 16, 2013

So Fired Up

On sledding season!  It is here and is on like donkey kong.  Took the new sled out all three days last weekend and even though it hasnt really snowed in about 10 days, we still found all kinds of good stuff.  Taking a breather up at the far end of Mosquito Creek near Mud Pass, a long ways from much of anything.
Me, powering through a fun little "Christmas tree" section. 

Sunday, December 15, 2013

As good as a day gets.

 Friday was pretty much the best day ever!!  We celebrated awesome Chelsea's birthday in our annual sled and soak style up at one of our favorite places, Granite Hot Springs.  We go year after year for Chels' bday to sit in the hot springs, sled, and get our X mas tree.  Making it's first of many blog appearances is my new sled, of which, I have named it "Stripe" because it looks like a candy stripe, but Candy is too wussy for something as powerful as the new SkiDoo!

 Yep, I am the luckiest dude around.  Happy Bday Chels.  I love you.

 BTW Goodtimes, Chels loves the new jacket!!

 Well worth the cold wade across the creek.

Our nice little tree attached to the sled for the ride home.  Sweet looking new sled huh!

Thursday, December 12, 2013

We will be back in May.

Here it is less than two weeks before X mas and we are still in Thanksgiving mode.  Well, needless to say, tons to be thankful for.  Most of all, great friends, families, and fun adventures.  

Chels seems to become a bigger and bigger rockstar each year with the ever growing younger generation at the family Thanksgiving.  These three little munchkins literally didnt leave her side the entire trip!
 This was the 25th installment of the family golf tournament.  We play every year the day after Thanksgiving.  All the boys, counting strokes and having cold ones.

 SB golf.  So good.  

 The girls, still attached.  

Me, letting er rip on a small lil wave.  Surfing is about the only reason that I could ever see living somewhere outside of the mountains someday.  I love, love, love surfing and only wish I got to do it more.  Plans in the works to head back down to SB for Memorial Day.  Already pumped.