Tuesday, April 29, 2014

Moab...you rock!

Another annual rockin' spring trip to Moab in the books and it was, once again, an awesome time. Some pics to prove it... : )

Kristin and I flanking Trevor on his birthday. Our first moto of the season!

 Hannah doing some fire dancing!

 This place is so gorgeous.

 Some amazing pics Anna took while we were doing Trev's birthday fireworks show.

 Another sweet pic from Anna

 Best (and first) firework show I've ever put on!

The girls getting ready for the party, notice Trev also has a birthday tree in the background!

  Another moto into some sweet country!

  Kristin loving herself some Arches National Park

And Trevor looking manly in front of this sweet backdrop

Shannon, Zoe and Dede looking Happe and ridiculously cute in front of Delicate Arch
Photo by Anna Goodman

And Trev just looking studly again.
 Photo by Anna Goodman

 Yahoo! Arch yoga!
Photo by Anna Goodman

 As you can see, I am very excited.

Love these two little cuties!

On our rainy day, we did a sightseeing trip to Dead Horse Point. Hannah loved it.

 Kristina and I taking in the spectacular scenery.

 And preparing to jump. Hahah

 Dead Horse Point is really sweet.

 We even got some mountain biking in, with ominous skies looming. 
Hannah and Kristin looking tough and cute all at the same time.

And me. Just excited about life.

The spectacular sunset sendoff on our last night, there was a double rainbow too. 

 And we made it to SLC for Marco's birthday party! 
 Sweet trip it was, can't wait for another!

Wednesday, April 16, 2014

Simply Amazing...

 Chels and I went for a Saturday cruise up in GTNP last weekend.  It was AWESOME!  Easily the best part of April in Jackson.

Sunday, April 13, 2014

THanks M and D

 Friday marked the end of the lift accessed ski season for us over at Targhee.  Thanks Mom and Dad for the tickets, we put them to good use!  

Skiing at the "Ghee is so beautiful!  

Views right to the backside of the bulk of the the Tetons.  Fun looking at all the places you have backpacked in the summer under 20 ft of snow!  
 Chels and I were geeking around setting up gates and making ripping turns around them!  

 Spring skiing is really fun!

Pretty sure my knee is on my ski on this photo at a very high rate of speed which might help to explain the weird look on my face!

Thursday, April 10, 2014

A rare thing....

 I am pretty sure I have never heard anyone around town say that April is their favorite month in Jackson.  While most of the rest of the country is planting their gardens, mowing their lawns, playing golf, etc, we are still fully immersed in snow during April.  April is amazing when its nice, and downright gnarly when its not.  Perhaps the brightest part about April is that the National Park Service plows the Grand Teton National Park road starting in March with the hopes of opening it to hikers, bikers, rollerbladers, skateboarders, etc (aka  anything not motorized) for all of April.  So, you get some of the best views on planet Earth with no traffic whatsoever.  I have gone a few nights this week after work and it blows me away to go on a 30 mile ride on buffed roads, have amazing views, and be lucky to see one or two other people.  To say we are spoiled wouldnt even begin to tell the story.  

My bike, a snow bank, and beautiful Mt. Moran.

 The Cathedral Group, aka Tewinot, the Grand, and Owen.  

Road biking at its very finest!!!!

Tuesday, April 8, 2014

Hard to believe that is all she wrote.

 500" and and a 140" snowpack later, the Village is done for the winter.  This seems to happen more often times than not.  Just when winter is really kicking into high gear, the ski hill closes.  Its always a bummer on one hand and kinda a built in excuse to transition to the next season.  Closing day was as festive as ever this year.  We met up with some buds, charged some knee deep powder runs out the gates, had a lot of smiles, and felt lucky to call JHMR our home hill.

 Chels ripping a turn in the Dwarfs.

 Dropping into the ABC's chutes in Granite.

 Kevin ripping a gs a turn in a no fall zone on Horseshoe Coulior

 Tutu and all, Chels making it look easy.

"Yep, that run was so fun."

Monday, April 7, 2014

Fun in the snow!

Winter is wrapping up (technically, with the resort closing yesterday), but there is still plenty of snow to be had! Even though we are itching for a little desert getaway, (2 more weeks!), we are still enjoying what we got!

 Snowmobiling with miles of endless powder fields and ominous skies ahead.

 Always trying to fit in a little yoga!

 Trev in his happy place.

Wide open

 Trev playing with a little air time.

 Pretty magical surroundings


 Feeling like we were alone in the world

Finding my hops

Looking out toward the Tetons with little snow squall tornadoes in the mix

 Closing day at the Village yesterday, we went out of bounds to access some knee-deep powder and some of the best skiing of the year...its closing already??? : (  Trev negotiating some awesomeness.

 Me dropping into the Horseshoe Couloir. Fun times. Until next year JHMR!