Tuesday, May 29, 2012

Grizzwald done got hitched....

 Destin, FL, aka....wedding weekend for my good high school bud, Adam Grace, aka, Grizzwald, Grisspop, Grizz, Grizzdaddy....etc...Yep, it beat the hell out of watching it snow all weekend in Jackson!
Shot from our balcony that myself and the Cd'A boys stayed in right on the beach.  

 Adam hoisting his proud mom on the wedding night.

 Cd'A rolls real tough!  Noah "skins", Me, and Tony "Ton-loc"....representing.

 The Marco Rocks fan club is everywhere.

Pretty sweet dancing scene!  Right on the water.
 Grizz, me, Connor, and Efferin, styling.....and ohh yea, the bride Katie and my Dad, lingering in the background.

 Grizz and Katie........good luck Katie, you have married a handful!

 Adam was in the Air Force for a long time and had the proper send off sword salute after the official deed was done! 

 "98 degrees in the shade, so hot, real hot...."

Destin, on the beach, about two hours before getting hitched.  Stress free.
My dad and I managed to score a very random side trip while we were there to visit my cousin Linsley, her husband Jeff, and there two amazing, awesome, and the best twins, Ash and Sky....They are growing like weeds.  Lins and Jeff were about an hour away on the Alabama/Florida border visiting Jeff's parents who have a place there.  I was so pumped to see the  fam and to set foot in Alabama.  New state....
 Pool party.

 Yea Skins.......

 Joel, chillin on our deck.

 You girls are the best....I hope I get to see you again this summer.

 Life does not suck in Destin.

 What is a trip to FL without a round of golf?  We played this insanely badass course one day in the mid day heat.

My dad, family friend George who coincidental is stationed in Destin right now with the Navy and me.

 You know it Dad.....paddleboarding mistro.

Monday, May 28, 2012

I hope the weather improves again so moments like this can happen. 

Tuesday, May 22, 2012

Sexy Rexy Sets Sail

We took Rex out for the first cruise of the summer last weekend.  He wintered well, started right up and is as cool as ever!
20 minutes from town, sweet camping.
 Case, watching the sun set over the Tetons.

Rex Rules!

Garden Time!

 One the downsides to living in JH is the cost of doing just that.....living.  So, you end up having a ton of apartment dwellers that have no access to a back yard, much less a garden.  Luckily, Rolfe has a work connection/co worker that organizes the community gardens for a local church in town.  We got a 20'x20' plot this year for our crew to have a go at.  

 Rolfe, shoveling poop, err.....fertilizer. 

 This is what the plot looked like when we first showed up.  We took out the dividers, threw manure in it, hammered out all the weeds and then planted seeds.  Stay  tuned for pics of growing goodness.  I know  you are on the edge of your keyboard waiting!!!


Doughnut  and shit break?


 We rented a rototiller, got some free manure and wahhhhlah, something that looks like the start of a garden.

 Lil Bucky was a big help in the garden deciding where to plant what seeds.

Here goes...we are planting everything! Hope something grows!

Sunday, May 20, 2012

Not Exactly Roughing It

First Jackson Lake mission of the summer is in the books!  And.....it's still the sweetest lake ever!  Hmmmm, another crowded day up there.  We saw one other boat, and, we knew them..  The water is pretty chilly though, hovering in the low 50's.
The Tetons are cool.  So is Jason.
 Jimmy got a new boat and it rules.  Pretty tricked out, pimpin, , bad mamba jamba toy.  It throws off a killer wake.  We couldn't quite get the blase just right to make the wave big enough to surf, but it's a long summer and we will get er dialed in.

Seriously, you can't beat Jackson Lake.  It's impossible.
 Dane, shralfing for the crowd.

Yea Jimbo, you have a lot to smile about my friend.   The yet to be named boat captain.  
Lucy, the official mascot of the aforementioned yet to be named boat.
Jesse, all smiles with Elk Island in the background. 
 Right, I mentioned there was one other boat on the Jackson Lake, and....well, it's almost the size of Rhode Island!  Dane has a serious big boy toy.


Thursday, May 17, 2012

Different Season, same stoke...

Drew and I went out for the first ride for us in the Wyo/ID area this summer last weekend.  Unbelievable the trails down low are already in sweet shape, no dust, or mud, and generally kicking ass.   We got snowed  out up at the higher elevations, but was super fun to get out and about.

Ahh, the South Fork.  Site of many a floats and good times over the years.  This go around, seen from a totally different perspective, high above on the S. Fork Rim Trail.  The trail was pretty nutty and committed in places with pretty big cliffs and drop offs down to the Snake.  

 Photo break, looking down at Lufkin Bottom boat camp.

Wow, moto gear makes me look I could play tight end in the NFL, and or.......too much ice cream?

Frolicking in the hills

A new dimension to the awesomeness of the beach this year.........., riding moto's in the mountains above Carpinteria.  My cousin Robin's husband Diego came up from L.A. and we took a few hour ride up through Monticeto, on to Goleta, up San Marcos Pass, out the Camino Cielo, the down Gibraltor back into Carp.  It was kick ass. 

Uncle Pete showing us the route.
Diego and his trusty steed high above Santa Barbara with the Channel Islands in the background.
SB has some of the sweetest, turny, two lane roads with little to no traffic.  Road riding paradise.
On top of the Cielo looking down into the Santa Ynez valley. 
It was really cool to get a totally different perspective on being at the beach than.....well, being at the beach!  It's easy to forget this area has big, rugged, amazing mountains just minutes away from the ocean.  

Good times Diego! 

Tuesday, May 15, 2012

Santa Barbara sweetness

The tail end of our trip was to the Beach House in Santa Barbara. Amazing weather, fun times, awesome friends...what more could you ask for?

Yikes California!
 Let's start this off right with some pancakes and bacon on the front deck, soaking up some Santa Barbara sunshine!

 Hitting the water!

 Megan and Josh boogy-ing it up

Drew and Trev coming in from the surf to catch the sunset.

 Marco soaking up the last rays of the day.

Aaaaaahh...this view never gets old.

 Pondo and Juni being cute without ever trying...Megan and Jesse's new little pups.

 The Happe's hitting the water!

Katharine ready to hit the pro-boogy circuit
 Shannon in bubbles

Endless beach time gets a thumbs up from these ladies!

 Marco and Anna hitting the waves.

 And of course you have to throw endless beach volleyball awesomeness into the mix.

 Yep, that's the way we roll.
Liz, Uncle Tim, Shannon, Trev and me.

 Anna adoring Marco's dorkiness.

 Did I mention we couldn't get enough court time?

This is what I call maximizing our days.
 Trev eating up the biggest full moon of the year.

 My Tahoe gal pals.

 Liz getting a lift from Anna to the pull-up bar.

 Katharine, Shannon, me, Anna and Liz

 Yes! We love it here!
Trevor, Anna, Marco, Katharine, Matt up high, me down low, and Shannon

 Goodbye beautiful beach...

Until next time!