Monday, August 31, 2009

New Forks Lake weekend

We decided to go on an exploratory mission this weekend and drag the pop-up trailer to a lake that we hadn't been to before. Last year we had an amazing trip to Green River Lakes, so we decided to try out a sister lake, New Forks, and see what she had to offer. New Forks Lake was where this fire was raging as we drove by last year on our way to Green River Lakes...

Above is driving by New Forks Lake last year.
Below is kayaking on it this year.

You can see the burned out hillside behind me in this pic. One side of the lake is pretty charred and the other is nice and green.

This is the view from the far side of the lake. It is kind of shaped like an hourglass and we camped right in the middle at the campground appropriately named, the Narrows.

Cool little pink flowers and lily pads, I love it here! I nestled my kayak into these and read the afternoon away while Trev went on some exploratory fishing missions.

Pulling back to the little sandy beach below our camp

Now this is where the fun see Trev is really on it and I seriously mean that, he is the best packer and never forgets anything. So, when we got to camp and he says "Oops...I forgot something..." I figured it was maybe the back-up flashlight or the 8th down blanket or something like that.

"What is it?"

"I forgot the keys to the pop-up"

Uh-oh. We tried to pry it open, to no avail, which I guess is a good least we know this beauty is safe on the streets at night! But, damn. So back of the truck it was. And it was raining, so that is where dinner AND sleep were had. A new camping experience. At least we didn't forget the wine!

Woke up to a beautiful morning, look at this pretty water! We spent a few hours kayaking around and then hit the road so Trev could explore some creeks on the way home.

Action photo of Trev in Granite Creek, scaring the daylights out of some poor hungry fish.

Kind of like A River Runs Through It, right? My own Brad Pitt right there. What a lucky girl I am.

Thursday, August 27, 2009

Sun n Fun

Dr. Hager picking out a river prescription today on the river

Chels took this shot the other morning out our back door

Tuesday, August 25, 2009

More backpacking sweetness

Ted and Trev getting airborne at Phelps Lake with Death Canyon in the background

Although it was pretty damn cold, after a long backpack, the urge to air it out was still strong!

Taking advantage of the waning days of summer

Ted and Trev making their way down the narrows of Death Canyon

almost there........

We saw this massive bull moose on the way out

Chels and Ted stopping for a bite to eat and a refill on water

Descending from Fox Creek Pass down into Death Canyon

Chels and Trev

Damn, that chic is hot! Spearhead Peak in the background

Waiting for the weather to cooperate

Monday, August 24, 2009

Maximizing our last summer weekends!

Trev, Ted and I made the most of our weekend with an awesome overnight backpack from Granite Canyon to Death Canyon in the Tetons...great great times boys, so much fun!

Ted made sure he was prepared for one overnight with TWO bottles of whiskey! (1.25 got carried back down)

Ted and I at the top of the tram...beginning our adventures.

The first big snow patch we saw, Ted and Trev with handstands to celebrate it.
And yes, the snow is pink. It is some sort of algae that apparently thrives in cold temps and has a watermelon smell, hence why they call this Watermelon Snow, but don't eat it!

Trev hydrating on the Teton Crest Trail

Look how buff this guy is, must be why he insisted on carrying him!

Wildflowers galore in mid-August? Thank you rainy June!

Trekking across Fox Creek Pass with the Tetons coming into view in the background.

Ted and I on Fox Creek Pass

Not a bad campsite, huh? We set up Ted's tent, but we all opted for sleeping under the stars instead (cross it off The 30 List!), luckily we had a light cloud cover that made the night temps bearable.

Whiskey, beer and gummies...something for everyone!

Does it get better than this?

Making the most of the sunset...I don't really do yoga in the dark normally! : )

Will post the rest of the pics tomorrow...

Thursday, August 20, 2009

A no bullshit fish story!!!!!!

First things first............. This is a fish story that is 100% true! I went fishing this afternoon up on the Gros Ventre River about 15 minutes out of town. The fishing was about as good as it can possibly get. The fish were coming to the surface for big dry flies, it was 85 degrees out and life was good. I caught this pig on a "Willies Ant" behind a log just below the town of Kelly.

I measured it honestly at 26 3/4 inches, easily making it the largest trout I have ever caught. It took me probably 10 minutes to land it and I was able to safely release it back to the river to be caught another day.

The picture was taken via my cell phone which was the only form of documentation I had on me and unfortunately I didn't put my rod next to the fish to give some perspective as to just how masive this Cutthroat was. Anyhow, it was an experience that I will relive for a long time to come and never forget!!!!!

Tuesday, August 18, 2009

Fall is around the corner

3 Sure signs the seasons are about to change here in Jackson Hole

1. The first issue of "Powder" magazine has arrived
2. The mountains received their first dusting of snow
3. The trees have already started to change colors

Been one hell of a summer, can't wait for an elongated nice fall, but damn, winter is just around the corner!

Monday, August 17, 2009

Oh man, summer is good

A couple more pics from the last 4 days with my mom and Joe in town...

My favorite spot, chillin' on the front of Ted's raft

Ted, me and Joe...we came, we conquered

Dougal Maclise, Trev's dad's first cousin, came for a quick stop-in on his way into the Teton Wilderness...he met us at the Mangy Moose to view the suspended beast before he left the next morning.

Trev and I at Phelps Lake

Kayaking in the rain (and patches of sunshine) across Jenny Lake

Sunday, August 16, 2009

Guest Bloggin.... Rena and Joe do Jackson

CAMP ROBINSON IN FULL MOTION! Day 2 of our trip and it feels like we have been here for weeks!

This is Rena Sullivan guest blogging on the Robinson Family blog

Keelan McNulty rolled into town on his way up to AK. He has just returned from Iraq and it has been a year since we have seen him. We just had one evening and a morning to visit but it was great to see him and so happy he is home!

After we said good bye to Keelen we broke out the tubes for a float down the river through town. FUN!!

Then off to float from Moose to Wilson. Got caught in a bit of rain.

Wow! You would think that we would be soaked from this one but it was just ahead of us and we never really caught up with it.

I am loosing track of days, but this is Phelps Lake. A great little day hike that starts at the new Laurence Rockefeller Center

Beautiful sites in every direction!

Phelps Lake.

Trevor was so happy he just could not contain himself!!

This morning we could see fresh snow on the peaks but we still needed to get a kayak trip in. This is Jenny Lake and Joe and I rented a double.

We saw a little sun when we all stopped for a snack.

The rain just keeps chasing us and this time it caught up with us. We hightailed it back across the lake. Today was our last adventure for this trip. We have to head back to Minden in the morning but just have to say "THANKS" to Chels and Trev. We had a great visit. xoxoxo