Wednesday, October 27, 2010

Up 1 game to 0 !

I was over in Worland the last couple of days for work. We finally got our first big storm of the year. This shot was yesterday going over Togwotee Pass on the Continental Divide. The pimpin state issue rig was a little squirly. Some reports from the Teton snowplots were up to 40" of the fresh stuff.

Stevie, along with others in the house are pretty pumped with the Giants taking a 1 game to 0 lead in the World Series.....

We fly out to NYC tomorrow starting a long weekend search for a culture injection.

Tuesday, October 26, 2010


We woke up yesterday to our first snow...

What the heck, not this stuff again!

I think it is the end for these little guys.

That strange season where you see boats and yellow leaves and snow all together.

The colors looked so pretty!

Sunday, October 24, 2010

End of Summer?

It has been one hell of a good summer filled with all kinds of floating and camping. The weather has officially turned to less than spectacular this weekend. Never one to let a bit of inclement weather slow us down, Me, Teddy, and Case went over to the S. Fork of the Snake in Idaho and squeezed in one last camping, float, overnight trip for the season.

Teddy taking the waders off after a cold late afternoon/evening float.
We camped right on the beach.

Case tending to the brats.

The weather was downright rugged for both days. We didn't get snowed on, but had more than our fair share of rain.

We got out of the rain for a few minutes in this cave and made sandwiches.

The fishing wasn't spectacular, but we did catch a few fish between rain squalls.


Wednesday, October 20, 2010

Celebrating One Year

My Date of Hire with the State of Wyoming was October 20th, 2009. So........, I have officially been employed by the state of one year now! Yahoo....... As of today I am now done with my "at will" period of employment and am now officially recognized as a full time state employee. This is essentially the same concept as a teacher gaining tenure.

Chels was awesome and spoiled me with an Artichoke Heart Quiche (my favorite dinner she makes), wine, and the Giants kicking ass on TV.

Tuesday, October 19, 2010

I miss you already Hawaii

Some pics to wrap up our amazing trip to Kauai...I think I want to go back already!

Our favorite favorite yummy yum fish tacos! Look at this amazingness, I have to admit, we were guilty of driving 20 minutes out of our way to have a repeat meal.

Enjoying our last couple days at the beach

Mudslides anyone? We had to cool down somehow!

The beautiful Medeiros family who we stayed with, Erin, Evora (9 months) and Jonathon. Liz went to high school with Erin and now they are both teachers in Kauai...lucky!

For Erin's 30th birthday (yes, we were lucky enough to be there for it!) we went and treated ourselves and her to drinks and food at the Hyatt which very well could be mistaken for paradise on earth.

Liz modeling the beauty on top of the sea cliffs

Love it here!

Bye Hawaii, loved you a lot!

Friday, October 15, 2010

Aloha from land of the beautiful

Some more pics from amazing Kauai, we leave tomorrow, so we are going to frequent our favorite fish taco stand once more, lay on the beach and tip back a couple more fruity cocktails before our departure!

Hanalei Bay (land of Puff the Magic Dragon)...our day of boogie boarding with the Happe clan who were surfing and stand-up paddling.

A little bit of snorkeling...

with a rainbow!

Went to explore Queen's Bath, a really cool ocean-fed pool fit for royalty and saw a bunch of sea turtles swimming around in the ocean.

A little overlook of the lush North Shore...think Jurassic Park!

Our awesome beater rental "island" car with our stand-up paddleboards! We ended up paddling up the Hanalei River for miles where it got pretty dense and jungly, we were definitely worn out at the end of that day, so fun!

A sight for the postcards

Gecko land

Our reward after an 8-mile jungle hike...the Hanakapi'ai Falls! So beautiful. We swam around in the chilly water and even witnessed a proposal before we began the hike down!


Tuesday, October 12, 2010


Some shots from Kauai where Liz and I are still chillin...

Posing at the Grand Canyon of the Pacific

Overlook of the Na Pali Coast where Liz and I took a great hike our first day here

Some of the jungle lusiousness we encountered on our trek in flip flops (oops!)

Dinner under the palms

The Spouting Horn, a lava tube where the waves roll through and create a "geyser"

Relaxing at Shannon and Matt's resort before the wedding began

Shannon Bahrke and Matt Happe are now married!

Our Tahoe clan in Hawaii...Liz, Shannon, me and Julia

Well, we are on an island, might as well enjoy a fruity beverage!

And a rainbow!

A beautiful sunset began our night of fun! Now we are going to explore some more for the rest of the week!

Thursday, October 7, 2010

A Toast to the Giants

Yes...............! The Giants, behind "Timmy's" awesome pitching performance won tonight the first game of their playoff's run. While I can't say I am a true Giants fan, Chels' fam most certainly is. Since the Mariners were essentially out of the running in May, the Giants have become my defacto team to root for this year.

We went to one of the Giants many wins this year in May in SF.

Lotta Giants love there.

I am sure AT&T Park was rocking tonight. Go Giants.

BTW, Chels left town today for Hawaii via an overnight stop up in Bozeman, MT. So, the blog and it's coolness might take a hit in the next couple of weeks. Be prepared.

Wednesday, October 6, 2010

Happy B Day Teddy

If you are a casual observer of our blog, you know that Ted is one of our best buds here in Jackson. Teddy turns 30 years old today. Here's to acting like you are 19 Teddy, can't wait to experience all that is fun in life with ya in the future!

Tuesday, October 5, 2010

My Ski Partners

Just a couple more months til I will be making turns with two of my favorite ski partners, Teddy and Chels.

Monday, October 4, 2010

Rex loves Yellowstone

A view of the inside of Rex while we were cruising. Pretty posh, huh?

Swimming in the Boiling River, a part of the river where hot springs mix with the cold flow...I could have soaked in there for hours!

The Artist Paintpots in Yellowstone, so pretty.

If you ever want to feel like you have a flat stomach, just compare it to your pregnant friend!

Geysers and hot springs, don't touch!

While Trev and Case went fishing, Jess and I went exploring and found Ojo Caliente, an awesome collection of geysers and scalding hot springs right along the river, so picturesque and beautiful!

There is actually clear boiling water coming up from this hole.

A fisherman completing this awesome pic.

And of course, being tourists in Yellowstone, we had to go watch Old Faithful!

Rex's first magnet.

On our drive back to Jackson, we pulled over at Jackson Lake as the Tetons came into view to soak up the last bit of the beautiful fall weekend and sit back in awe of the place we live.

Trev went fishing and Jess and I sat down to do some watercoloring.

And one last swim of the summer...good times!