Sunday, October 30, 2016

Sunday in the leaves

 Ok, back to Dash being awesome posts!  

We found a huge pile of leaves today, Dash approved.  

Saturday, October 29, 2016

Tis all....

 Part of the crew on the rim trail above camp, watching the sun go down and enjoying a cold one.  Awesome to have some newbies from the JH down this trip.  It will not be their last trip.  

 Arrrrggggghhhh.....hell yea Tucker, way to give er hell.  

 Down in the wash, away from it all. 

 Wait???  An actual shot of me riding?  Thanks Nate.  

 A long ways from Dash, but still up before the sun!  
The moto desert lifestyle certainly agrees with yours truly.  

 Yes, the trail really goes right along this ledge, and yes, it really is that pretty.  

 Shannon, as always, with a massive smile on her face.  

 Soaking it all in.  

Victory lap coming into camp. 

Friday, October 28, 2016

Doing dude things...

 Part of the appeal of being in the boonies in the desert is the do anything you want mentality.  

Such as shooting a high caliber rifle at explosives with no shirt on in moto boots.  Well done tucker.  

 Shooting clay pigeons with shots guns via a hand and automatic launcher.  

 Getting firewood by pulling trees out of the ground.  

 Building big fires.

 Then jumping through them on a dirtbike is always good fun.  

 Gasoline never fails to get things going.  

 ANd then you wake up the next day and get rad all day long and put it all on repeat.  It is a tough pace to keep for much longer than 5 straight days, but shit is it fun!  

New trail Sunday!  Always love coming across new trails down there. 

Wednesday, October 26, 2016

So damn good.

 Wow riding down south is so much damn fine.  Just a smattering of shots from one of the bigger day rides we had down there last weekend.  

Top of a steep decent looking down off the mesa.  

 Rad lil section of single track up and over.

 I challenge you to spot other life forms?

 What it is all about.  "Tech gnar" getting it done.  More difficult than it looks.  
Hint.....contrary to popular uninitiated belief, the moto does not do all the work! 

 Another vista another bullshit about how kick ass this all is.  

 Getting some water before things got rowdy...

 And of course..... one must wash it all down with some cold adult beverages.  
It is so easy to get into a sweet groove down there. 

 Being chased by the sun.  

 Pretty sure I was breaking the sound barrier here?  

Not really sure it gets too much better. 

Desert Rat'n

 I was able to pack up and head south last weekend for a long jaunt of doing nothing but riding moto.  Wow, was it good!  It had been way too long since I had been down down to one of my favorite spots anywhere which just so happens to have such amazing trails and solitude (we didnt see another human for 5 days)

My bud Tucker and I went down a day ahead of everyone as I was able to get some work done in Idaho Falls and Provo.

It was Tucker's first trip down to the desert to ride dirt bikes.  He is the man!  He first got on a dirt bike at the age of 48, and he is crushing it!

 We maximized out first day.  

 Tucker getting his bearings in a hurry.

 Why I love being down south, and this exact spot so much!  Elbow room for days and days.  

 The short lived but much hated stach!  

 Tucker reading a book, waiting for his coffee, eggs, and bacon before riding.  You know, the civilized desert moto life.  

 I am pretty sure I have been lucky enough to do close to 15 trips down to this spot in the San Rafael Swell and we are always finding new stuff, like this trail, errrr, dry creek bed.  Moto's can do some amazing stuff.

 Hell yea Tucker.  The first day we went on a six hour rip and saw some rad country.

 And kickass trails.

Climbing up and over.

Wednesday, October 19, 2016

The sun

 Black lab getting some of his last swims in at our local neighborhood swimming hole for the season.  

 emerged today after work and myself and the weee lil lad did our usual thing.......explored.  

Taking up the entire backpath, sorry all.  

Mr. Handsome

 Dash has been the proud recipient of some new gear and some donated gear (Thanks Case and Jess!).  

Monday, October 17, 2016

Someone once said in life to.....

 "Walk softly and carry a big stick."

Sunday, October 16, 2016

Just Dash....

and a whole lotta leaves at the park today.