Wednesday, October 29, 2014

Not exactly roughing it...

Chels and the wee lil one chillin poolside So Cal style last weekend.

Tuesday, October 28, 2014


 A little bit hard to tell, but......Chels is 6 months pregnant and rocking it!  Grannie De sending awesomely positive Great Grandmother vibes to the lil one.  

The best!  Grannie De and us hanging by the pool.  We will be down to see you again in November Grannie De.  Can't wait to see you again soon. 

Monday, October 27, 2014

Quick So. Cal trip

We went down to San Diego last weekend to see my 93 year old "Grannie De" as we couldnt make it down to see her in September for her birthday.  We had a blast hanging out with her, enjoying laughs, memories, and 90 degree temps!

Chels, ten minutes from stepping off the plane scoping the SD harbor. 

Tuesday, October 21, 2014

Until June....

 Every season brings a different set of activities to get excited about and the mountains are full of transition right now.  Soon enough, the high country will be adding snow and getting ready for sleds instead of moto's.  Looking at the calendar, it occurred to me that Sunday's moto ride up in the Big Hole Mountains more than likely is going to be the last for the season.  It was bitter sweet, and we rode like it was going to be our last day of the season!  80 plus miles of gnarly-ness.  As I type this 48 hours later I am still having issues walking properly I am so sore!

Drew, headed down Red Ridge looking out toward the Teton Valley and the Tetons to the east.  

 Descending the techy "Dry Canyon" that goes from the Big Hole Crest trail down to the South Fork of the Snake River.  It's as wild as it looks in this section.  I haven't even seen anyone even think about attempting to ride this switchback section.  Everyone gingerly walks there bikes here, as one missed step and it would end in certain death!  

 The proper way to do it.  Shut your moto down, put it in first gear, and 5 point pick and place the bike to get it through the hairpin.  

And coast to the next hairpin, then you are home free.  Wheeeew. 

Monday, October 20, 2014

Don't be winter yet, please.

Easily one of my favorite aspects of my job is getting to travel all over Wyoming.  It's an amazing state and one that has so much to offer besides the beauty in the famed Jackson Hole valley.  Last week I was over in Sheridan/Worland for work and I brought my bike and scored an epic 75 mile beauty in the Big Horn Mountains. 

Monday, October 13, 2014

Not too much longer

This weekend entailed yet another day of getting prepared for our little one coming in February.  I spent a whole day down at our storage cleaning it up and making room for seasonal baby stuff.  Ran into this awesome, badass, jaw dropping piece of equipment.  Can't wait to get back on this rocket ship.  Should only be another month or less. 

Friday, October 10, 2014

Tahoe, Take 3

 We took another trip to Tahoe this last weekend to visit my Uncle Sully and it was another great one!

Caught some beautiful sunrise reflections as we drove through the Salt Flats in Utah.


 22 weeks preggo and photoshooting with the amazing Anna on the beach!

 Awww Tahoe, love you.

Mitch, Anna and Travis watching as Marco takes the chilly October plunge.

 Starting to grow a little...

Oliver just chillin' with his new best friend!

Wednesday, October 8, 2014

THe Roots

 Being back in Tahoe is always so great, always way too short, and always, leaves you with a feeling of how much you love the place and people.  Awesome seeing all of our good buds and family out there, you know who  you are!  We miss you guys and only wish that the distance between the two rad locales of where you live and where we call home was less than 12 hours.  

Skylandia Pier panorama.  North Shore is pretty stellar.

 Marco, swimming in Tahoe in October, having to wade out pretty far to get fully under.  The lake seemed super low due to the ongoing drought.  

 Sunrise on the Salt Flats and beautiful yoga.