Tuesday, July 29, 2014


 I have been scoring lots of post work moto rides during the week, but haven't had the time, schedule, or have been out of town the past month to get in a big weekend jaunt on the moto up in the high country with my buds.  All that changed last weekend and it quickly reminded me just how much I love the sport, being out in the utter boonies, see new country, etc.  We went south last weekend down in the Star Valley up Strawberry Canyon and then dropped into the Greys River drainage and beyond.  65 miles of epic riding later, we were content and had huge smiles on our faces.  

Drew, descending about 4,000 feet to the Greys River.

 Steve, on what was the most technical climb of the day (hard to tell from the photos)

 A shot of my moto that I took on a solo mission Saturday morn up the Gros Ventures.

 Ok, back the gnar......Yep, that is moto in a nutshell.  You simply get to places that would take days on foot, bike, or horseback.  Nothing but amazing singletrack and good buds to share it with.  Alex and Steve running downhill conserving gas, in neutral! 

 Taking a breather after a big climb.

 We ran into some snowy parts that made the trail pretty slimy.  

 Steve, evening goodness.

 Alex and Steve.

Drew and Alex, smelling the roses, er......, blooming mountain wildflowers!

Saturday, July 26, 2014

Summertime Sweetness

Soaking up the sun and the beauty in Jackson, so good to finally be home and be able to spend some time together in Jackson! Here are some pics from our lake day at Jackson Lake yesterday, kayaking, swimming, reading and soaking up the sun with huge smile. Love this gorgeous place!


And Wednesday night kayaking until sunset at Slide Lake.

Friday, July 25, 2014

Cd'a is awesome!

 Last of the shots from what was an amazing weekend up in Cd'A.  Chels and I had an awesome day at the beach just hanging, swimming, living up summer.

 Biking and trying not to choke on the smoke.

 SUch a fun ride.

 Lizzy, the international woman of mystery had business in town for a couple of days, so, of course we hung tough with her!

 The tell tale sign you have had a big, adventurous day.  Nothing but snoozing happening on the way home via Uncle Pete, Tally, and Uncle Tim.

 Me, headed into one of the many tunnels all geared up for the cold.

 It was super fun getting a nice, ripping bike ride in with my mom.  She absolutely hammers at 66 years old on the road bike!  Inspiring always mom!

 Mom, Sarah, Lennin, and Dad.  The fam.

 The Winston side of the fam.  

Until later in August Lake Cd'A, already stoked to be back in a few weeks for a moto trip back north with the moto homies. 

Tuesday, July 22, 2014

Team Ride

 Happy riders after a 5 hour long ride on the Trail of the Hiawatha, which is a rails to trails bike ride on the Montana/Idaho Border.  We had a blast.

 The biker gang....my uncle Tim, his girlfriend Talli, Chels, my uncle Pete and my Aunt Susan.  Awesome.  

 Aunt Susan crossing a 245 ft high railroad trestle. 

 Uncle Pete seeing how far his spit could fly in the air.  

 Chels, riding the single speed cruiser all the way!  

 THe Robinson boys with dirty butts after riding the 2 mile long tunnel both directions.  

 Trailside snacks including dried mangoes.

I sometimes miss the green and lushness of where I grew up! 

Monday, July 21, 2014

Such an amazing time up north

 Ugh....the best intentions of getting a solid blog together for the weekend that was is losing steam.  I am too tired!  Here are a couple that loaded.  Suffice to say, more goodness coming, it was an outstanding weekend of fun.  

Tuesday, July 15, 2014

Hanging with Grannie De.

 I was lucky enough to spend last weekend down in San Diego hanging with my grandma, "Grannie De."  She is the coolest!  Love her so much.  My mom (see backstroker in the pool) and my sister and her husband were also down there.

 Sarah, Grannie De, my Mom, and Me.  

My mom and I went on a nice hike one morning and took in the view of San Diego.

Last week.

 Random photos from the week that was last week.  Took a beautiful solo moto ride up Munger Mtn.  Nice view from the top looking south.

 Aliens growing inside my leg?  Nope, just a solid bout of poison ivy from the Smith River.  

 Highlight of the week.....date night with Chels up in the Gros Ventures watching the sunset.  We caught a good one!

 Sunrise over the Elk  Refuge on my way to the airport.

 Pure love, all of it.

This never, ever gets old.  Love the Jackson valley.

Sunday, July 13, 2014

The best!

 4th of July, laughed all day long.  Amazing.  

Swimming in a deep running, blowing up a fishing hole.
 There are many attributes that my buds idolize my dad about on the river, unfortunately, Jack has adopted the short red shorts game.  Make it stop.

 Yep, thats one hell of a sweet bend on the river.  

 Teddy and Mike party barging.

 Crows Foot.  One of my favorite places to camp on the Smith.

Poison Ivy be damn......found a new arch on the Smith this year.  So sweet.