Wednesday, August 31, 2011

Lake Time

We have been all over the map this summer, so, this past weekend we committed to staying in the valley. I called up to the permit desk at GTNP on Friday and was able to SCORE a just turned in permit for Saturday night on Jackson Lake that someone wasn't going to use. Their huge loss, our massive gain....!

Rain droplets on our tent window.

Parking spots for our digs.

Yep, just as it looks. Nate, hanging out in the kids play pen.

The weather broke just enough for us to squeeze in a pre-dinner ski and wakeboard.

Jason, Finn, and Ben.

Jess, up first try on the single ski.

All of the camping sites on Jackson Lake are boat access only. Lucky for us, we have a collection of buds that have boats.

The backdrop looks fake doesn't it!

Our fearless Captain, Dan Walker, with Jess and a rainbow in the background.

Jess, letting it rip just before dark.

Me, wishing I could jump the wake!

Chels and I managed to grab a bunch of floating golf balls the weekend before on a kayak mission out by the Cd'A Resort Golf Course which has a driving range that you hit floaters into the lake. We snaked close to 10 of them and set up our own impromptu driving range off Elk Island. Nate and his boat in the background were both the target and the ball collectors!

Jason, Chels and Bucky, stoked on a warm, August morning on Jackson Lake.

At this point "Buck" is a well seasoned camper in his young age. The Brown Family, Jess, Case, and Buck.

Ben Jones hung around long enough before heading off to Mt. Rainer to finish up the guiding season there to score a sweet weekend in Jackson.

Our eclectic mix of boats. Little bit of everything.

I mean seriously, I challenge someone to find a more scenic wakeboarding backdrop.

Chels, chilling with the boys.

Monday, August 29, 2011

In honor of the U.S. Open...

Before camping this weekend we decided to go play a little tennis, something we have not done in quite awhile and it was so fun. Of course our action shots are totally staged here so be prepared for some awesomeness! : )

Friday, August 26, 2011

Hmmm, that's nice.

Yes....., finally, a post work float mission. Proops made a cameo this week in the valley, so, no better reason to bail on work a couple of hours early and hit the Snake.

Tyler and Jules.

Hell ya Rolfe, reel it in.

Is that the Marlboro man?

Cd'A Up In This

The run and gun show that has been our summer of 2011 pulled into Coeur d' Alene, ID (where I grew up) last weekend for a wedding. We stayed with my parents and had a complete blast!
Chels, kayaking downtown by the CdA Resort.

We found an island to chill on and swim.

Freaking Paradise! Cd'A is a pretty tough place to beat in the summer months.

Chels, self portrait, playing with one of the what seems to be thousands of settings on our small digi camera.

One of the best parts of a wedding weekend at home with good high school get to see and hang with all your peeps that you haven't seen in way too long.
Adam G. took us out on Hayden Lake the day of the wedding for some wake surfing.

Really hope I put sunscreen on my bald dome? Wake surfing was a blast. You are literally 10 feet from the prop of the boat.

Yep, the wedding site was that badass!

My high school bud Joel and his bride in the making, Casey, sealing the deal.

Me and college roomate from Oregon and Montana, Brian Lockwood.

Tuesday, August 23, 2011


Headed up the Gros Venture after work tonight with the boys for a lil wade fishing action. No huge fish, but plenty of "dinks" to be had.

Tyler and Brian.

Otis looking downriver at Hager.

Getting chased out by darkness and bugs.

There is a fire that started last weekend up toward the headwaters of the Gros Venture that is burning unabated right now. You can just see it billowing on the left hand side of this shot.

No mission to the GV is complete without a huck off "the rock". Me cannonballing!

Monday, August 22, 2011

Fruits of Labor

Our bud Ben Jones is back in town after being over in Nepal and Kenya for the past 5 months. He was guiding trips in both spots and now, well.......has a sweet ass Harley to show for his efforts!
Ben and I went for a ride tonight on our bikes up in Grand Teton National Park.

Ben used to have a Harley just like this one, only older years ago, but eventually sold it. Probably should hold on to that one, it's pimp.

Man....the days are getting shorter all of a sudden. We got caught by darkness on the ride home.

Thursday, August 18, 2011


Just got some more pics from the weekend, loved it! Now we are off to Coeur d'Alene for another wedding weekend. I guess being exhausted in the name of fun is nothing to complain about! Have a great weekend amigos!

Got some pics from ou