Sunday, June 22, 2014


One of the many perks of monthly work trips in the summer time!  Golf after a long day of driving and seeing kids.  Found a sweet municipal course in Sheridan, WY last week. 

Wednesday, June 18, 2014

Sun Valley Rocks

 My moto buds and I opted to check out Sun Valley, ID last weekend with rumors of dry trails, amazing singletrack, and a moto friendly community of dirt riders.  Well, check, check, and check!  Sun Valley is moto nirvana.  The trails are outstanding, mountain bikers/hikers couldn't have been more friendly toward moto'ers, and there was very little snow whatsoever.  

Drew, on a sketchy section of "whatever you do, dont look down and dont fall" side hill terrain.  Sun Valley has it all trail wise.  

The boys on top of a big climb with the Sawtooths in the background.  Yep, that is last summers Baker Creek Fire you are seeing.  The whole area was burned to a crisp.
 In over 150 miles of riding for the weekend, we saw two other dirtbikers.  Damn, I hate such crowded trails!

 Steve, Alex. Aaron, and Drew.  We rode  like wild bandits all weekend long.  We all decided we would be back to explore further.  

 My 450 was kicking arse!  Looking north toward Galena Summit. 

 Another vista, more amazement how good the trails were.

Wednesday, June 11, 2014

Yep, that happened!

 Last weekend I took the sled out for a rip up on Togwotee.  I had never sledded in June and I set out for a goal of 40 sled days for the winter.  Well, last weekend I accomplished both.  SLedding in board shorts and a Hawaiian shirt is pretty sweet!

Tuesday, June 10, 2014

Stoked to be back riding in Wydaho

 It had been since early November since I had gotten out on some Wydaho dirt.  Last weekend the moto posse made strong work of some trails where we were the first riders of the year to brave them.  For good reason.  All the creek crossings were rugged, there were tons of downed trees, and the trails weren't buffed out yet, but it didnt matter.  We were so pumped to be back in some of our favorite haunts.  

Alex, a new member of  our moto tribe, in full indoctrination mode!  We thing he wants to come back again for more punishment.

Something that I need to get better at and have been working at is "wheeling", ie....Lots of throttle and a painters touch on the clutch to get the front end of your bike up and over obstacles.  I still have a ways to go, but its getting better!
 What moto is all about.  Miles from anyone, nothing but you and your buds.  We didnt see anther soul the whole day.  

 And, kill!  There is still a ton of snow  up high right now.  Normally you can find sneaker routes around big cornices, north facing snow banks, etc.  But, when the trail is burried under a 10 foot cornice and the only way around it is to carry each bike individually on a muddy, steep slope, well, thats how it takes a hour and a half to go thirty feet!  All part of the adventure!

 Alex doing a full throttle snow dance.

 Up in the Big Holes overlooking the Teton Valley and the Teton Mountain Range.

 Drew on the Big Hole Crest Trail.  We couldnt get too far and ultimately had to turn around due to huge snow drifts.

 Sorry Stevo, but I had to put it up.  You can probably guess what happened to Steves moto after this shot was taken.  Suffice to say, I threw my phone down, dove into the creek, and helped Steve save his moto from floating down the creek.  Long story short, water got into the engine, Steve couldnt ride it out, he walked it to another trailhead, we meet him almost 5 hours later.  Nobody said it isnt an adventure riding dirtbikes!

Steve trying to find the trail over months old avalanche debris.

Monday, June 9, 2014

Until November

 We managed to get one round of golf in while down in SB.  Normally we try to get out a couple of times, but it was almost impossible to pry ourselves away from the beach long enough to go chase the little white ball for a few hours.  Tim, Ben and I went up to Ojai to play in the warmth and awesomeness up there. 

 One day at the beach was utterly consumed by playing Bocci Ball.  It was easily a 4 hour game that stretched all over the place, into shark infested waters, through rocks, crabs, etc.  

Hello Anna G.

 THe game got serious enough to where it was necessary to break out a tape measure to ensure proper distances.

 Vacations really are the best.  Why not have a mid day beer, no shoes, and play Bocci on a Wednesday?

 Chels looking beautiful before going out on a Trikke ride.

Wow, those are such nice melons, I mean balls, I mean..... you have.

 Nope, you are not looking at a different looking view of SB.  We looped back through Tahoe on the way home to hang with friends and fam for a quick weekend.  I scored a nice early morning ride around the North Shore (I miss that place sometimes!).  

 The surf was pretty flat the entire time we were there.  Good thing we are all mountain peeps and it doesn't take much to motivate us to get into the water and surf.

Top deck delight on the half shell.  Yes.

Sunday, June 8, 2014

Yoga pix by Anna

 When I am lucky enough to hang out with Anna and her camera, I try to take advantage of her amazing skills as much as possible! We ended up going out to do yoga photo shoots almost every day at the beach and here are some of the shots we got...pretty incredible, huh? Her website is if you want to follow more awesome shots of everything she does!

Wednesday, June 4, 2014

It's never enough

 The ladies, getting ready for a lil morning cardio.

 And the biker gang.  Taking bikes down to SB has happened the past few years.  As we are learning more and more with each trip, SB has some of the best road riding anywhere.  Famous road rides with tons of hills, virtually no traffic, perfect weather, etc.  Such a fun added bonus to all the other fun.

 Ben hanging in the open garage of the beach house, enjoying a cold one. 

 Top deck watching the sun go down looking hot.

 The late night crew hanging outside of "Club P"

 Moscow Mule, yes please.

 Pretty standard scene, post hard core volleyball game, watching the sun end another amazing day.

 Mid day Bocci ball.

Our favorite fuzzy little foreigner Anna G getting ready for a ride on Memorial Day.  Thanks to all those that have served and given their lives so that the rest of us can have awesome days like this one.