Wednesday, April 25, 2012

before we go

Heading out on a little road trip today (yahoooo!), but have to say...

Jackson has been all world awesome lately with summer like temps.  So, the crew has been hanging and doing summer type stuff, even though it's only April.  Bonfires....


And hell to the yea, floating!!!  It got warm enough at the end of last weekend that all the rivers are now a muddy mess, but, Jules, Rolfe, Proops and me got out before they turned to complete chocolate on a 75 degree day.  Insanity.  Chels had to work all weekend which wasn't cool.

Jules, first day fishing out of a drift boat with her first fish caught, ever!  Who the hell cares that it was a "whitie".

Proops added to the whitefish derby.

Chels and Steve, celebrating the start of my 33 year.

One of the most awesome gifts I got were a set of copper mugs from my boss "Boozin Susan."  

The mugs are the perfect set up for one of the worlds finest cocktails, a "Moscow Mule."  

Chels went all out and made some homemade veggie sushi that kicked much ass.

Damn good fixings. 


I was up in Cody, WY last week for work and had the good fortune of running across this beauty vanity plate. UBET is not just a saying, it is a state of mind. Know it, love it, live it.

Tuesday, April 24, 2012

To my favorite person

Happy birthday to the kindest, sweetest, hottest, most motivated, most positive, most driven, most appreciative husband a girl could ask for. Love you Trev! Here's to another year of awesome.

Monday, April 23, 2012

100 days

I managed to hit the 100 ski day threshold again this winter. The 100th day was essentially the same as 68 of the other ones.....Solo, skinning up the King, listening to sports talk radio and or tunes, chillin, happy. Long live the King, the best community hill anywhere!

Friday, April 20, 2012

GTNP is da bomb

Why not take advantage of semi-warm beautiful spring days biking in Grand Teton National Park before it opens to car traffic in May.....BEAUTIFUL! Reason 5,437 we love it here.

Sunday, April 15, 2012

Tennis anyone?

Well, it is (pretty much) spring in Jackson and with that comes breaking out all the fun recreational toys you haven't used in months and flailing around. Note the tennis rackets.

The bad-ass faces are all a farce and a ploy to make people think we are awesome.
Which we are.
But not at tennis.

Trevor getting artsy with the camera.

Happy first tennis of the season!

And damn, look at that out people!

haha, just kidding.

Thursday, April 12, 2012

Chels Can Wiggle

With the best of em.......!

Tuesday, April 10, 2012

It's a wrap.

This ski season came and went about as fast as any I can ever remember. Lack of snow bookended the season, but the middle was pretty awesome! We ended up having better snowfall in Jackson that virtually everyone else in the West, but were still below average. Sunday was closing day at the Village. It kicked ass! Was warm, the beverages were cold, and good times were had.

Cody, Jason, and Chels getting ready for last tram.

Hard to believe how little snow on the valley floor their is right now......we might actually have a summer! Yes.

Cody recently returned from a trip to the Serengeti and came back with some cheetah pants.

Closing Day, Easter Sunday, why not?

Chadwich, the Cheetah, and Chels....Barbs, put yer damn nipple away dude.

Last tram pilates.

My mom's Serac one piece never gets old. Of course, the pink Kerma poles that Porc, Erin, and Marco got us for our wedding really help tie it all together!

Keep it classy Jackson Hole.

Well, we actually got second to last tram. Here is the last tram getting slammed with slush balls.

Mulleted fire works starting crew!

Top of the tram is a good place to cheers it up to a season that was.

"So, what run should we take down?"

Chels would have fit right in circa 1987.

There are so many things that are obviously awesome about this picture. However, easily the best is the dude in the foreground with the mullet, mustache, Go Pro, look on his face, and ear warmers. This is the last day at JH in a nutshell. So amazing!

The "workers wiggle" was pretty big this year. I heard you could see it from outer space?

The path of least resistence sometimes is over dirt.

Tuesday, April 3, 2012

Lack of New Snow

Means doing things besides skiing! Hard to believe, but there is hiking to be had in the valley right now. We have so much less snow than last year its awesome! Yep, its awesome! We might actually have a spring this year and perhaps a real summer for the first time in years?

Chels, on top of high school butte last weekend.

Pretty fired up for all things that encompass summer in the Hole.

Home sweet home, Jackson, WY, below

Monday, April 2, 2012


Taking a podium step in the PPP definitely isn't like winning a rodeo event in the Cheyenne Frontier Days and or the Calgary Stampede. Look at how freaking wimpy that belt buckle is!!!!!

The killer day that was the PPP ended with a free "G. Love and Special Sauce" concert at the village. They rocked it out playing some of their classics and then some of the newer stuff too. I had always wanted to see them live so it was a good cherry on top of a sweet day.

And what massively fun day is complete without some sort of fireworks extravaganza?

Sunday, April 1, 2012

P.P.P. Finally!

The "Pole, Pedal, Paddle" is a classic event in it's 37th year here in JH and is put on by the Jackson Hole Ski Club and is a big fun raising event for them. Chels works for the ski club and we are big fans and........, I had never done the whole event solo, so, this was the year to tackle all of it! It's a pretty gear intensive event as you can see! It consists of a downhill ski from the top of the tram to the bottom of the mountain, then a 10k nordic ski, followed by a 20 mile bike ride, and lastly, a 13 mile kayak.

There is a myriad of divisions ranging from "pro individual" all the way to "fun class" with all groups in between. I did the "recreation individual" class.

Damn straight, this group of brown bears was getting after it in the "fun class."

If you do the whole race solo you have to have a "support team" to help with the 3 transitions between events. Luckily, Chels and her bud from work Debby combined for a badass support team for me.
In the transition between dh ski and nordic ski trying to change in and out of gear as fast as possible after a non-stop downhill from the top of the mountain.

All the bikes getting ready after the handoff from the nordic skiers.

My nordic skiing certainly leaves a lot to be desired! I can do it, it's not efficient, more just sure willpower than finesse! I was already pretty tired at this point and still had 33 miles of pedaling and kayaking to go.

Astoria Bridge....and the finish of the race. It was sweet, after a morning of rain, the skies parted and it got sunny, warm, and delightful. Made me want to be floating on the river and catching fish instead of paddling as hard as I could!

Me, coming into port, stoked to be done, 2:48 later.

The winner of the mens pro did it in an astounding 2:22. I ended up getting second place in my division and 11th overall which I was pretty pumped on, but for me to compete better I would need to.....

1. Use a dh suit, and some skis and boots that the heel doesn't lift up!
2. Learn how in the hell to skate ski!
3. Commander a kayak that is fast. This is where I lost probably a good 7-10 minutes.
4. Ride a trainer bike in the winter.
5. Train?

Some of these things sound appealing, while others of them sound downright awful!

Debby, Jenna, and Chels, my cheering section.

Done, pretty exhausted and ready for a cold bev.

Some of the boats starting to filter in.

Well-earned Mimosas.

Thanks gals, you freaking rule.