Saturday, October 31, 2009

In Between Seasons?

A little late starting the wood supply this fall. Spent today over at my bud Jim's property downing trees. We aren't lucky enough to have a wood stove in our tiny little apartment, but I like to have a good stock of wood for camping in the summer.

A little fuzzy, taken going 60 out the window, but this is what we affectionately call "The Ribbon". Jackson Hole has started making snow, ski season is coming soon.

Cody picked up his new sled today. It's the bombdotcom

Mean Machine

Thursday, October 29, 2009

Getting ready for winter

Stevie has been preparing for winter spending lots of time in his new hideout under the pillow. He burrows underneath and literally will spend hours and hours sleeping the day away. Slightly jealous I am.

Wednesday, October 28, 2009

New Boards

Did I read somewhere that if you make out with a new pair of skis it will bring lots of snow? I am obviously willing to give it a try.

Tuesday, October 27, 2009

And we ran a half marathon!

The before shot, 5:00am and getting ready to head to Union Square in San Fran to meet up with 20,000 other women (and a handful of guys) for the Nike Women's Marathon! Mindy, my mom, Liz and me.

The AFTER shot, successful and exhausted finishers...way to go ladies!

The after marathon celebration with Mindy, Liz and!

Berta and Mindy. Enjoying San Fran and some Mexican food with our great host!

Mindy's no longer a trolley virgin.

Of course we hit Ghiradelli Square too.

Alcatraz in the distance.

View of the Transamerica building from the trolley car.

I realized I really enjoy hanging out of trolleys, it was scaring Mindy to death!

Wrapping up our trip with a pic of Mindy and our nice trolley driver, Mel.
He said we made his day.

Sunday, October 25, 2009

San Francisco

Here we are crossing the Bay Bridge in to San Francisco!!!

Having fun at the expo tent the afternoon before the Liz!

Go Mindy!

My mom looking like a marathon sprinter!

And me...look at that form!

Loving up the goodies at the expo tent and loading up for our morning run

Reasons to run...

Yes! We made it!

We totally didn't even look like Wyoming rednecks here! : )

Look at my cute little mom, chin up! Marathon tomorrow!

Thursday, October 22, 2009

Driving Madness

I just got back last night from one of the most fun, amazing, empowering trips I have ever been on. My friend, Mindy and I drove from Jackson Hole to San Francisco (about a 15 hour drive) and did the Nike Women's Half Marathon last weekend, raising $ for a foundation called Triad Trust. Unfortunately Trev couldn't come because he started his job this week, so it turned into a great girl's trip.

First stop, Reno to visit my awesome, wonderful grandparents who never fail to crack me up. Next we hopped on to Tahoe and arrived for a Friday night at Marco's house in Truckee (we left Jackson at 4am so we would have more hang-out time with our cool Tahoe peeps). We were lucky enough to get a visit from a whole group of friends and fam, Megan Ganong, Katharine Lange, Josh Transue, my mom, my dad and his girlfriend, Garee Lynn, and Liz Kenny. We ordered Prado's pizza, played a fun game called Catch Phrase and laughed the night away. So much fun, I wish we all lived closer!!!

Driving across Nevada model shots

This is the wind-blown hair look, modeled by Mindy Baker

Mindy is driving with her feet from the passenger side!

Look, no hands!

Driving AND looking pretty. Alright Nevada is a bit boring to drive through, have to get creative to stay entertained!

At Marco's house with him and my dad. Oh and did everyone know that Marco's new sponsor this year is Budweiser??? Yep, look for some cardboard cutouts in your local liquor store and pose it up with him!

Dad and Me

A typical family photo with my mom...we are so photogenic.

Bright and early on Saturday morning we hopped into the car to head to San Francisco, Mindy's first visit to this beautiful wonderland! More to come...

Tuesday, October 20, 2009

Dudes being Dudes

Phil, Ted, and Brian having about as much fun as you could possibly imagine shooting guns, drinking beer, and enjoying life!

Fall was en fuego

Nice form Brian, beer close in hand, in fishing gear, all the while shooting skeet

Cody's boat towards the end of the float plying the friendly waters of the S. Fork of the Snake

Monday, October 19, 2009

More extended weekend

Continuing on with the fishing theme, we went over to the S. Fork of the Snake in Idaho for an overnight float. It felt more like August rather than middle of October.

Water flows were really slow which unveils new islands in the river to sit, fish, hang out, and enjoy cold beverages

Brian with a portly cut-bow

Ted stone cold kickin it

Sunday, October 18, 2009

Last Hurrah

This weekend is probably going to be my last official three day weekend for a while to come. Been lucky enough to have years of three day weekends built into my schedule. Tuesday marks the official start for my "real job" status and the end of my three day weekend affairs. Naturally, took full advantage this weekend with lots of fishing and hanging with buds.

We went to Jenny Lake on Friday and caught a ton of lake trout. I normally don't keep fish, but we had our hearts set on lake trout taco's that night, so, we kept a few!

Cody with some solitude fishing on the glass that was Jenny Lake

Brian into a nice lake trout

Cathedral group of the Tetons with cool spindrifts spewing off of them

Temps this weekend were almost, almost......... warm enough to think about swimming. Pretty nice hanging out in shorts and t shirts in the middle of October.

Chels is out of town and I am missing her! She is in San Francisco and ran a half marathon today with friends and fam. Congrats Chels, so, so, so proud of you!

Friday, October 16, 2009

Never too young to start

I was working on my sled the other day getting it all ready for the snow to come, and our freind Ashleigh stopped by with her son Finn. Pretty sure his look says it all, ready to rip, just need snow!

More Jackson living with Mom

We paddled all the way across Jenny Lake to the String Lake outlet

My two favorite gals, hiking above our apartment near Snow King Ski Resort

Matching red gloves?

My Mom hanging on her trail

It was also my Mom's b day, so, we celebrated in fine fashion with a cold hike up to String, Leigh, and eventually Bearpaw Lakes. Not a day over 40 right Mom?

Pretty reflection as the sun finally made a showing on the hike back