Tuesday, January 14, 2014

Bags are packed, passports are in hand......

 And we are getting on a big ol jetplane tomorrow heading to the Alps!  Third time over to watch Marco race, ski, and soak in the best ski culture on the planet.  Words can't even begin to describe how pumped we are.  We are doing a very similar trip to what we did in 2009, so, I unearthed some old photos from the blog to get pumped on.  Wengen, Switzerland this weekend, then, a new stop, St Anton (literally the cradle of skiing) Austria for a few days, then to Kitzbuhel, Austria, then on to Schladming.  All the classics on the World Cup circuit.  Wow.

Me, looking down the "Strief" in Kitzbuhel.  Full disclosure, I wussed out and walked down.  It is so scary I cant even begin to describe to you how badass World Cup'er are!  I am going to get my redemption this year!

 One of god knows how many lifts in the Kitzbuhel network.

 Our crew from 2009 minus Paul who must have been taking the photo?  We are rolling 10 deep this year with a who's who of awesome friends of ours.  So pumped. 

 Classic Euro ski scene with some hot ski chic I found along the way.

 Wengen, I have been wanting to come back for years!

 50,000 people celebrating ski racing, cheese, and booze.  Really amazing!

 The upper stretches of the Lauberhorn DH course in Wengen with the Eiger in the background.

 The start in Wengen.

 Trying to not fall of the Eiger.

Tune in to Universal Sports to watch the action the next couple of weekends, look for us on TV!  GO MARCO......

Sunday, January 12, 2014

Too good to stop and smell the snow...

 Easily one of the best three day stints of riding I have seen in a long time.  I dont know what the storm totals ended up being, but it was literally chest deep today.  Just a couple of shots of Drew that I took today.  Yesterday, didnt take the phone out once, it was too good to stop!  Hoping everyone had great weekends.

Saturday, January 11, 2014

Only a handful of days....

each winter are truly epic.  If it was like it was yesterday, I would be a complete derelict  in life and essentially drop all obligations and do nothing but sled.  It was insanity!  The Village called 13", per usual, you could double that and it would be more accurate.  It was waist deep.  I am truly passionate and have a huge love about a lot of things in life, but riding sleds in deep powder is to me, unparralled.  Sit back and enjoy the deep!

 Each air the snow would hit you in the chest after landing and almost knock you off your sled!

 We were literally choking on the white stuff.

Where is the sledder?

Video I cant FIgure out!

Took this video yesterday sledding and its being funky!

Thursday, January 9, 2014


One of my favorite stickers and mantra's around.  Although, I have to say, true oil free fun is ultimately almost impossible to have! 

Wednesday, January 8, 2014

How deep, that deep.

Admittedly, it is a lil tough to decipher what is going on in this sled pic that Steve took of me last weekend, but......, I am there, making a turn, and it was deep.  Already pumped to ride again this weekend. 

Monday, January 6, 2014

Simply amazing!

 New Years Day was the best!  Sledding, hot spring'ing, hanging with my fam, sunshine.  Couldn't have been any better.  

My mom and I wading across Granite Creek.  

 Two snowmobile missions in the same trip?  Total slednecks!

 We probably soaked for close to three hours, just chillin.  

Sunday, January 5, 2014


 We started 2014 off with some flare...., the annual Snow King torchlight parade.  Love it for it's rawness which embodies all that is so great about the King.  This year was the first year in all the years that we have done it that the revelers were allowed to go from the summit.  It was a two flare mission! 

 Our buds Walt and Virg

 Heading to the top.

I can't wait for the adventures ahead in 2014 to be had with  this smiling face.

Happy New Year everyone.

Friday, January 3, 2014

My Folks....budding Slednecks?

 My awesome, fun loving, adventure seeking parents were just in town for the New Year.  Being the troopers that they are, we all went sledding a couple of days together.  The first day we went up on Togwotee and did a sweet sunny day ride up there.  

Dad, me, and my Mom, with the Pinnacle Buttes in the background.

 Chels ripped it up too!  Amazing day.

My mom tends to be a little more of a daredevil than my dad does, so, of course I had to take her off a couple of jumps.  YOu can barely see my Mom.  Look for the pink jacket and white helmet.
 Getting ready to cross Brooks Lake.

 A shot to remember!  My ol man, the true Sledneck!  He even has a sled helmet and sled one piece suit now!  So sweet.

Love you three so much. 

Wednesday, January 1, 2014


 Life has been full of good times as 2013 came to a close.  Skiing, sledding, family, friends.  

Chels skiing the "egg cartons" on a sunny cold day.

 Drew, launching a cornice a few days ago up near Brush Creek.  Me, Steve and Drew all worked on our art of flight.  I am stoked.  Finally starting to feel comfy in the air on the sled.  Super fun.

 Hitting cornice whips side mounted.

Damn, that view never, ever, ever gets old.  My sled crew, Steve the stealth bomber and camo Drew.