Tuesday, November 30, 2010

Turkey Time

Love love love some beach time!

Early morning view of the slough in the front of the beach house, full of water at high tide. This was obviously Trevor taking the pic, up at the crack of dawn to go golfing.

Meanwhile, I was catching up on my beauty sleep.

Luckily, there are always a ton of toys laying around, so Trev and I grabbed some bikes and cruised!

Another beautiful sunset from the back deck, can never get enough of these.

Some warmth and beauty.

Turkey time! Close to 40 people came to the Beach House for Thanksgiving this year, so they fired up the grills and BBQ'd 5 turkeys!

Me and Diego and the birds.

A little shot of the madness (and the goodness!) that makes up the wonderful Robinson Thanksgiving...both of which I am thankful for.

After dinner and some salsa dancing in the living room, we got a special treat...Rob showing off his trademark wrestling moves, this one in particular being his favorite, of which he has named the "Scrotum Grab". I'm sorry.

Every year all the guys (and sometimes a girl or two) have an annual golf tournament the day after Thanksgiving with the VERY LUCKY winner getting to take home the Ugly Monkey! This year Trev's Uncle Tim barely beat him out for the win, thank god we don't have to take that thing home! Enjoy the new mantle ornament Tim.

Max Norris...a future monkey winner for sure.

Oh and Trevor also got a double eagle a rare feat, I guess, that he is really excited about. He looked it up on the internet and apparently the odds of getting a score of 2 on a par 5 hole are over one in a million!!! I just told him that he is one in a million. : )

Santa Barbara baby!

We just got back to our snowy home sweet home last night, but wanted to share some more vacation pix!

Saying goodbye in San Diego and off to the Beach House! Gotta love Grandpa Jim!

We took the train from San Diego to Santa Barbara, skipped all the traffic and got these amazing views the whole way!

Hello Beach House!!!!

Santa Barbara Corona commercial?

Jumping for joy! And yes, it actually was pretty chilly in the evenings!

Me and Rob loving it up!

Can never get enough of it, just trying to soak it all in!

Trev and Rob with a beach to themselves.

Monday, November 22, 2010

From Snow to So Cal

Saturday morning in Jackson with a few inches of snow on the wings and the runway, luckily we were able to get out just in time before the real snow storm hit!

And we made it to a rainy San Diego where we are staying with Trev's grandparents in their retirement community.

Since we had a little rain, Grannie De took us to their Fitness Room and we all did a little workout...Grannie De showing us up at 89!

We also met a friend of theirs, Richard, who came in to the gym (walking right along without a walker or cane or anything!) for his daily bike ride and can you believe it...he will be 102 in April!!! We talked to him for awhile and he was amazing to say the least! We asked him what his tricks were and he said ... exercise and a martini every day!

Trev managed to squeeze in 18 holes of golf with my bud George today. He fly's F-18 fighter jets and is based down here in San Diego. He is an instructor for Marines (although he is in the Navy) learning to fly F-18.

After golf, George gave me a tour of what a "usual" work day looks like for him. You know, flying 1,000 mph, live ammunition, and getting saluted by others that he outranks left, right, and center. It was awesome seeing these machines up close and personal.

Friday, November 19, 2010

So Cal Bound..

We head out at 0' Dark thirty tomorrow morn to get 10 days of this......!

and this....

and lots of that.......

Wednesday, November 17, 2010

One Long Day

We had one long day on Sunday, as Trevor does every year, we decided to go over and help a local telemark binding company, 22 Designs, assemble bindings. The deal is if you do 10 hours of work you get a pair of bindings.

They make the best bindings on the market and they are local, can't get better than that!

We were originally planning on splitting up our work hours, but once we were there we went for the full 10 hours and man was it tiring. My poor little fingers were black and sore!

The whole operation takes place in these guys garage.

Trevor, happy the day is almost over.

The finished product, we basically helped with every step, assembling all the million pieces to finally get to this finished product. I don't think I will ever look at my tele bindings the same again!

Monday, November 15, 2010

Not For the Faint of Heart

We watched an incredible movie over the weekend that had both of us saying, "that was the heaviest movie I think I have ever seen". It is called "The Stoning of Sorarya M".
The movie is a true story based in Iran in 1986 and chronicles the real life drama of a death by stoning incident involving an innocent female.

The movie is insanely graphic, be aware. However, it is also really, really good. Put it towards the top of your Netflix queues....

Here is the trailer.

Sunday, November 14, 2010

A hint of things to come?

November always fools everyone. While there is hardly ever snow that sticks around in the valley, the mountains normally have enough to play around on. Saturday my bud Tim and I went up to Togwotee to go sledding. What was literally a trace of new snow in town turned out to be over a foot of fresh an hour drive and 4,000ft of elevation later. It was awesome conditions.

This is Tim with his brand new Ski Doo sled. It didn't have a single mile on the odometer before Saturday.

It was cold and mid-winter conditions. Loading up the sleds for the drive home. Notice that the sleds were getting face shots!

More video from the day later on in the week.

Friday, November 12, 2010

Go Anna!

Tomorrow is Anna's first World Cup race of the season. It's a slalom in Levi, Finland and her first race back after knee surgery. Goodman, we will be cheering loud for you tomorrow. Ski fast! See you in Colorado in a couple of weeks. Crush it!!!

If you want to watch it is on Live on Universal Sports at 4am EST ($3.99/per race).
Or there is always Live Timing too, not as exciting, but free.

Thursday, November 11, 2010

First Turns of the Winter

Celebrating a day off getting some fresh powder up on Togwotee Pass with Ted.
Thanks again to all the Veteran's for making days like this possible.

Veteran's Day

It's November 11th. I woke up this morning and was stoked to be an employee of the State of Wyoming and have the day off. Then, I started thinking about the reasons as to why I had the day off and it hit me. I am lucky enough to live in a country that I can essentially do whatever I want, whenever I want. So to all the Vets, I say thank you! It is really easy to loose sight of the fact that we have troops serving in combat zones right now while I sit here typing this getting ready to go ski powder.

So, this post is essentially a Thank You to all the Vet's.

Keelan, one of my favorite Vet's all pumped up on America last year at the Olympics! Keelan flew Blackhawk Helicopters for the Army in Iraq. He is a badass!

Besides piloting one of the meanest helicopters in the world, Keelan is a 100% great dude, and loves life as much as anyone I have ever met. Thanks Kee...

Ahh, one of my other favorite Vets! My good high school bud Adam Grace. "Grizzwald" flies C-130 cargo planes for the Air Force and is still currently serving for the Florida National Guard and just returned from Afghanistan last month. Grizz always downplays his career and experiences as a pilot along with all the wild places he has served our country, but dude is a badass too!

Grizz knows a thing or two about skiing deep pow too! Last winter up on Teton Pass getting some.

Grizz and Me, hanging at the tram dock on a pow day, Jackson Hole

Can't wait to see both of these guys next month down in Colorado.
Thanks again for all that you do serving our country!

And, then there is my bud George Schmuke......He fly's the biggest, fastest, coolest big boy toy on the planet. His toy makes my snowmobile look like a hotwheels toy! F-18 jets for the U.S. Navy. George has done numerous tours flying the skies over Iraq based off an aircraft carrier out in the Gulf. Again, complete badass! Landing a jet on a moving runway in the middle of the ocean. Freakin awesome.

George, really stoked to see you next weekend in San Diego, play some golf, and hang.

Ohh yea, Happy B Day Mrs. Shirley!

Tuesday, November 9, 2010

Sites I dig!

During the winter I seem to casually browse the web more than normal checking on snow conditions, trip reports, weather, etc.

Here is a sampling of my favorite winter sites...

Cheetah Factory Racing

We Know Snow

Jackson Hole

Sled Shot

Pow Explorer

Teton Pass Webcam

Ski Racing

Bring it on winter!!!

Monday, November 8, 2010

Definitely our new sport

We had a great idea at the Ski Swap on Saturday, why don't we try to find some cheap nordic gear so we can go play in the snow...well what an amazing idea that turned out to be! We took our new (awesome and probably at least 20 year old) gear up to Togwotee on Sunday and I don't remember ever laughing at Trevor as much as I did that day. Oh, fun times.

Decked out and ready to roll..."This can't be too hard"

We had some snowmobiling tracks to cruise along in which were awesome until your ski got stuck in some icy groove that was bound to tip it on it's side, roll your ankle and flip you over on your back while you flailed to try to get your balance (well, that was Trevor's experience at least).

This is what I got to witness most of the afternoon and I've never laughed so hard...I didn't think I would see the day where Trev wasn't an instant pro at every sport! He was convinced that my skis were "fatties" compared to his because I wasn't falling as much.

The Pinnacles are always a sweet backdrop.

Trev slowly getting the hang of it. Actually while I stood here taking his picture (keep in mind this was the first time he hadn't fallen for 150 yards), he started picking up his pace and passed me saying "Sochi 2014!"

Mid-way through we stopped for a little tea and a breather.

Don't be jealous, but these are our awesome new digs! Pretty sweet, huh? Mine are the white, pink and teal "fatties" on the right.

On our drive back to Jackson the imminent storm was hung up on the Tetons and the sun was glowing through the clouds. What a great day, weekend and life!