Saturday, November 23, 2013

Southbound to paradise.

We are leaving the first below zero temps of the winter today for this.....!   Hell yes, Santa Barbara for 10 days with a lil stop in San Diego, here we come.  

Thursday, November 21, 2013


 I went out sledding another day last weekend with my motorsports buds.  They were as pumped as me to go from riding moto one weekend to being in waist deep pow the next.  

Drew, diggin November.

 Sled culture at its finest.  Those that know, know, those that hate, well, too bad for you.  Must mean you have never been before.  

Drew's new 14 hot red Polaris and Scuba's new 14 all black Doo.

 Steve, the stealth bomber no matter the season!  His love affair for black and grey sleds, dirtbikes, and outerwear make taking pictures of him tough.  The goggles pop at least!

Ooops, nice fat finger of mine getting in the way.

Tuesday, November 19, 2013

The White Stuff Returns

 The transition between summer and winter this year and probably every year moving forward will be judged upon the seamless funtrain  of being in the desert one weekend riding moto, then the very next weekend riding sleds in waist deep pow.  It happened this year and it felt so right!  Chels and I went up for a scenic cruise on a loaner sled last weekend..  My sled hasnt arrived yet, although its supposed to show up tomorrow!!!!!  Luckily for me, I am buds with the Doo dealer in town and he let me take a demo sled for the weekend because he knows how badly my itch is to get on the sled.  

Chels, making a rather bright looking angel in the snow.  

Ski Doo came out with a new chassis in 2013, It took me a bit to figure out the balance points on the new chassis.  Luckily, toward the end of the day I had er pretty dialed in.  Something about low face shots on a sled, I have yet to find much better in life.  I was so, so pumped.  It had been since late February since I had been on a sled..  Way too long.  
Chels and her expedition mittens, expressing concern that if her hands are "freezing cold in November, what is going to happen to them in January?"
I got out skiing last week for the first time too!  Felt awesome to be back on the boards ripping around. 

Sunday, November 17, 2013

The Road Goes On Forever

 and the summer has ended!  Last of the moto shots from last weekend down in the desert.  The San Rafael Swell looking to the south.  In all the moto trips down to this location before we had never seen what was just over the horizon.  Wow.  More exploration warranted for the spring!

 Doesn't get much better after a good day of riding.  Cold beers, bonfire, shooting the shizz.

 The A team.

 Two of the nights down there had the most rocking sunsets ever.

 Our little slice of heaven!  We go back to the same little dry wash time and time again for the simple reason that the riding is all world, the crowds are zero, and the scenery is, well, you can see for yourself.

Steve, charging a good section of trail to the north up near Price, UT.
 Steve again.  Out to the far part of this shot is another ride around those headlands.  One of our fav's.

 Pictures dont really tell the story of this gnarly, techy, rock filled section of trail.

 Odd's Trail, in all its glory.

 Damn right Drew, a complete and total thumbs up weekend compadre.

Capt. Curt managed to lodge this rock between his swing arm, tire, and rim.  Crazy!  He stalled and crashed. 

Friday, November 15, 2013

All good things must end...

 only to come back again in a handful of months!  Moto season for 2013 started for me in January in Arizona and ended last weekend down in our favorite spot in the San Rafael Swell.  Temps were close to 70, the crew of buds was top notch and we found some new rad trails.  Managed to get 70 days on the moto this summer and got even more hooked on the sport.  

Drew and Curt, day #1, watching the sunset and marveling at what a rad place the Utah desert is.  

 Steve, charging a ledge en route back to the camp.  
We got to ride 4 days down in our favorite spot in the desert.  Nice bookend to the season.  We will be back again in March or April.  Already can't wait.

 Thats the beauty of the desert and more specifically the secret spot we go to time and time again.  It always serves up new trails and adventures.  Found this sweet little canyon one the first ride and had ridden by it tons of times before and never taken a right instead of a left turn off another singletrack.  

Thursday, November 14, 2013

Almost Famous

Just ran across this in our local Jackson paper the other day.

Tuesday, November 5, 2013

Til the spring time lil fish's....

 Ok, camping season at least in Wyoming/Idaho is officially done.  Brr it was cold.

Good ol "Cut-bow."  Mix of a Cuttie and a Rainbow.
Barbs, a fish, sunshine.
It was frosty.

Sunday, November 3, 2013

November here we come.

 Extending summer yet again!  Went floating, fishing and camping this weekend.  It was cold, the river was empty, the fishing was decent, and the times were good.  

Fully loaded drifter.  3 dudes, two dogs, camping gear and a lot of optimism.  

Cody straight chilling with River keeping watch on things.  
Get that fire starting, its freaking freezing out right now.