Wednesday, July 31, 2013

Look away if you easily get.....

 Well, last weekend was yet another amazing run of fun, laughs, camping, adventuring, and, damn it....., nooooooooooooo.  My foot met up between the battering ram that was the tongue of my raft trailer and the bumper of my truck.  It got wedged between and you can see the carnage for yourself.  Luckily, 4 hours in the ER, a few stitches and not bone or ligament damage.  I will be riding the pine for the next couple of weeks and doing my best to "take it easy."  Pretty much impossible for me.  

Tuesday, July 30, 2013

Summer done right.

What could be more summer feeling than an extended picnic/swim at Jackson Lake followed up by a few rides at the Teton County Fair?

Friday, July 26, 2013

Thursday Nights have become...

 one of our favorite nights of the week.  "Music on Main" over in Victor serves up awesome free music, and luckily, the golf course I play all the time is right next door.  

Green thumbs were are most certainly not, but......, we did grow our own tomatoes this summer on our back railing and enjoyed the hell out of them tailgating last night before the show.  

 "March Fourth Marching Band".  Do yourself a favor, SEE THEM!  Holy shit, absolutely amazing 15 piece band.  Outstanding!

My faithful golf companion.  Serves cold beer and compliments my good shots! 

Thursday, July 25, 2013

Summer Loving

 A couple more shots from last weekend at Slide Lake...

View of the campground above Slide Lake


Kinda random...the camp host was walking his dog and...two little kitties! They hung out with us for over half an hour, exploring around and adventuring, so awesome. 

Checking out the inside of our van.


Here they are making themselves at home...I kind of wanted to bring them back with us, but I didn't think Stevie would be very happy. : (


A little reading on our own private beach...ahhh, now this is summer.


Beautiful glassy mirrored lake on our evening paddle.


So pretty, so serene.


Trev loaded down after our firewood mission to the other side of the lake.

Well worth it. Sunset and a campfire and an awesome van...perfect.
Love this.

Wednesday, July 24, 2013


Good buds, outrageous sunsets, and post work golf.  Doesn't get much better than last night. 

Sunday, July 21, 2013

Slide Lakin..

 The weekend started off with some free music Thursday night over in Victor.

 Then we spent the rest of the weekend up the Gros Ventures at Slide Lake, one of our all time favorite places to hang in the summer.  It was sweet to dust off the ol kayaks.

Chels seems to always have a serene smile to her when in her boat.
Sunset cruise.

Thursday, July 18, 2013

I wish life was one long three day weekend.

 Or maybe it is when one retires?  

My Uncle Tim was in the valley all last weekend.  He is one rad dude!  I aspire to be as cool as him someday.  The Hoback was so good, we had to take the So. Cal fisherman back to catch more cutties.

 South of the border cold one at a Steve Earle concert.

 Do not disturb the wildlife.

 No JH weekend in the summer is complete without a trip out to "the rock" to swim, fish, and take it back to the late 90's.

 Part of the crew of dudes that I started working with 15 summers ago in JH.  The best.

Uncle Tim, all tuckered out after a rather large weekend!

Wednesday, July 17, 2013

The Hoback Givith..

 Last weekend was the TVRC 75th anniversary, aka, lots of old school buds coming to the valley to hang out.  It was awesome.  
Lcam and Aaaron came up from Denver, caught fish, and were full of smiles all weekend long.  

 We floated 4 boats on Friday, and no joke, probably boated close to 200 fish.  It was insane how good the fishing was.  

 The Hoback River was amazingly still pretty full given how late in the season it was.  Rain is a cool thang...

 Good friends, a small, kickass river, sun, doesn't get much better.

 Tyler came down from Missoula.  Always so good to hang with our good bud Proops.  Who else wears a pressed pink polo on the river?

 Dang, thats piiiirty.  

Tuesday, July 16, 2013

Wall to Wall Fun....

 Wasn't I just lamenting not enough time in summer for bloggin?  Umm, well, here is a smattering of summer shots over the past couple of weeks.  I have literally been leaving the house at 5:30 every morn for work and not getting home til close to 10 pm.  Blogging and slacking are going hand and hand.  

Swimming, Island Lake Reservoir. 

We have been really, really fortunate the past couple of weeks with an abundance of moisture coming from the sky to help keep the fire danger to almost non existent.  
 Lots and lots of moto has been happening, which is to say, it isnt nearly enough!

 Sunset coming out of the GV last week after a sweet moto and fish mission.  Holy shit we are lucky to live here.

 Chels is all of a sudden not only looking like a serious moto'er, but riding like one too.  Hammering in third gear no less!

Floating season is on.  Thankfully the rivers are now mostly all clean. 

Wednesday, July 10, 2013


Our 4th of July was the stuff of legends!  Jackson Lake boat mission in the morning, fireworks and concert by night.  So badass!  Nate, happy as could be rocking his new Mastercraft. 
 Eventually I was able to let the rope go and "surf."

 Hottest Damn American I know.  

 Jimbo, our fearless capt. 

Look at those........Tetons.

Tuesday, July 9, 2013

A Happe Baby Shower

Last week? I don't know, all this summer awesomeness is just running together, but I did a solo drive down to the heat box that is Salt Lake City for a little baby celebration. For a short weekend, I was able to pack a lot in and see a lot a friends in the process, always a win-win.

I stayed with Marco and Anna in their cute new little house that they were in the midst of painting.
This is the BEFORE shot.

And they put me to work. In 105 degree temps. Ugh.

 But it was worth it because look how awesome it looks now! 
View of the side of the house looking at the garage and back yard.

View of the day that front door will be yellow, but we needed to take a break...

So we went hiking! Up in at Alta Ski Area to a Cecret Lake which was really pretty and a little bit cooler up in the mountains.

Gotta have a hair dip, hair flip. Anna is a master pro.
 Marco and Jared looking on wishing they were that cool.

No better place to contemplate life.

Then it was pool party time! 
Liz and me and Anna lounging in the St. Regis pool up in Deer Valley.

With our hostess with the big belly, Shannon! Due in a week or so. Yay! Love these girlies, my faves. Can't you all just move to Jackson?