Wednesday, January 30, 2013

North Idaho Representin.....

 All of the crew are proud natives of what we think of as one of the best places anywhere to have grown up, North Idaho represented hard in Jackson.  We skied three inches of pow (me above tele-cheating a face shot). 

 And went sledding up on Togwotee for a huge day of goodness.  We rode for close to 60 miles and toured all over the place.  

 Joel, slaying as if it was 1996 on Chair 6 at Schweitz!

 Aaron getting some.

 The boys enjoying one of my favorite vistas anywhere in the world.  Those that have been up there know where the location is, those that haven't, come visit, rent a sled, and I will gladly take you there.

 There wasn't much snow up there, so, I doubled the crew up through the lunar landscape to get up to the 11,000ft saddle. 

 Love this locale.  We tossed a couple rocks for good listening pleasure. 


 Grizzwald peering off into the abyss.

Aaron, given er hell.
Joel sending, welders rental helmet and all.
 Damn right.

 Bullshitting, scoping the views, wishing we were retired!

The road goes on forever, but the part never ends.  See ya next year boys.  Bring more snow!

Tuesday, January 29, 2013

Cd'A in the House.......

 Last week was one of the best long weekends I have had in a while. Not because the snow was amazing, rather, the company.  A good crew of high school buds rolled into town and we hit it hard on all fronts from start to finish.  

Joel, coming in strong from Portland, OR ripping a mandatory night groomer on the King.

 Yea boys.....Pass laps!  Adam, Aaron, and Joel, seeing some of the first weather we have had in a month.

 All the North Idaho boys call sea level home these days.  Aaron in San Diego, Joel in Portland, and Adam in Florida.  The hike up was punishing for their lungs!

 Shakka and Thumbs up kinda affair.....Woa, sweet stash too.

 Joel crushing over by Snowshoe Bowl and Second Turn.

 Aaron heading toward highway 22.

 Adam, maybe the best skier in Destin, FL????

 And then later in the day, we hit up Granite Hot Springs to soak the sore muscles...

 Everyday was a high five effort all the way around.

Stay tuned tomorrow for more goodness coming your way.

Monday, January 28, 2013

Super Steve

Stevie got a special present from the girls I coach yesterday...a custom cat cape! He is looking super fly now and feeling pretty invincible, you can just tell. It is awesome. They hand-sewed it and are going to start a cat cape business now, given the popularity of their first cape! Sooooo, if anyone has a cute cat that needs a fashion makeover, you need to order a cat cape from BB, Emery and Tait, right meow. : )

Tuesday, January 22, 2013

Working for the man...

Sled is still broken down, it hasn't snowed in close to a month, might as well work all weekend long.  We got treated to three straight mornings of amazing sunrises.  
 This particular race is always really, really well staffed every year, so, it allows for a ton of time to sit around, bullshit, drink coffee, eat elk, and enjoy the views. 

"Workers City" had electricity, propane, and a whole lotta awesome eats. 

Monday, January 21, 2013

"I've been everywhere man"

January's monthly installment of traveling from within sight of the Nebraska, Montana, and Idaho borders, all the while staying in Wyoming for work didn't disapoint!   The state of Wyoming needs snow, I was able to eat lunch outside in Casper it was so nice, and Wyoming is big!

Alpenglow coming down from Powder River Pass in the Big Horn Mountains between Buffalo and Tensleep, WY.

 Lonely highway between Tensleep and Worland, WY.

Unfortunately there is absolutely no scale to help you appreciate the sheer magnitude and size of this beastly crane that one could see for miles on the horizon between Rock Springs and Rawlins.  It was so massive.  Have a look at the telephone pole in the foreground!  Insane. 

Friday, January 18, 2013

Moto....well done please!

Tuesday, January 15, 2013

Doubling up...

 After the first days massive exploration to find singletrack we stayed a little closer to Scottsdale and found nirvana!  Wow.  Still inside the city limits of Scottsdale and we located the mother load of of tacky, dust free, insane trails.

 Capt. Curt putting his rear suspension into full go mode around a huge cactus.

 Todd ripping.

 Us, our moto's, singletrack, and not a human for miles.  Does it get any better?

 This shot is for  you Mom and Dad!  Thanks again for the new moto boots.  I love them, they are awesome.

Curt, scoping the commanding views.

 Ohh yea, one of the catalyst for going down to Phoenix was to watch the AMA Supercross event that was in town.  Wow!  You wouldn't have to have ever swung your leg over a moto to have appreciated this rager!  There were 40,000 people packed into the Diamondbacks baseball stadium watching the madness unfold.  We had awesome seats up the first base line about 5 rows up, right behind a massive triple kicker.

Team green pits.

 Some action from the early qualifying rounds.

 No, that is not a mirage or a fake shot.  Its a dude going large, really large.  These guys can do things on moto's that I thought were previously impossible.  They are so comfortable in the air.  Wow.

 Back to the ground......, we certainly got inspired by the big airtime the night before, but kept things mostly on the ground during the next days ride.

Ohh shit....., a cactus induced flat and our flight was leaving in three hours.  Oops. 

 Million dollar homes and single track in the background.

 Hell yea boys, that weekend was the bomb.

 The supercross was quite the spectacle.  Laser light show, smoke, the whole shabang.  

Aaron avoiding an octopus. 

Monday, January 14, 2013

Summer in January?

 Well..... this past weekend was one for that tipped the fun scales.  Matt, Curt, Aaron and a couple of others made me an offer I couldn't refuse, so, down I headed, last minute to Phoenix to ride dirtbikes in the middle of January.  Jackson has been experiencing a high, dry, and cold phenomenon for weeks now, which made getting down to Arizona even sweeter.  

Curt hauled all of the moto's and gear down while the rest of us flew.  

First day's ride up Crown King road.  We searched hard the first day and rode like bandits for 70 miles, however, never located the elusive "amazing singletrack" in this particular area near Cave Creek.  

 Yea, pretty sure we left the northern latitudes to get the hell out of this white stuff!  The Phoenix area was suffering through their coldest weekend since the early 1980's.  It was actually pretty damn chilly in the mornings and struggled to get to the upper 40's during the day.  All six of us fell on the re-froze ice on our motos.  It was super sketchy. 

Our 6 rider posse. 

 Aaron, chilled to the bone, coming back down to the valley for some much needed warmth.  

Below, just the the Harley boys do it in front of  the Cowboy in the summer, except this is a lot cooler!  KTM well represented.  

 A thing of beauty, racing the sun, loaded moto's, enjoying a frosty cold one.

 The SLC crew minus two.
Me, Curt, Aaron, and Matt.

 The beastiest truck I have even traveled in.  Aaron's 3500 turbo diesel that he has all kinds of modifications too.  It hauled us four around and our moto's for the whole weekend.