Thursday, December 31, 2009

Happy New Year from the Torch Light Paraders in Jackson!

P.S. if anyone is planning on watching the Rose Bowl Parade tomorrow, look for my brother, Marco Sullivan, he will be on the Budweiser float!

Happy New Year!!!!

Wednesday, December 30, 2009

Christmas in Tahoe

I had the best trip home to Tahoe ever (besides the fact that Trev couldn't join me, which totally sucked!) Got to see almost all my friends and fam, fit in a ski day at Squaw, got some great time with the grandparents and some shopping too. It went by all too quickly of course. Here is a little sneak peek of the good times...

Started the Tahoe trip out with a slumber party with the girls, including Liz's sister, Meredith's child, Ireina. I believe we featured her on our blog when she was born...check her out now, a little cutie with her own cell phone! : )

Meg and I got a great snowshoe in at the top of Mt. Rose one morning, it was so gorgeous out

Look at our tracks!

Me and my momma

Attacking cats at my mom's house

This might be where I get some of my spunk? Check out my gramps flipping me the bird in the back...hahaha!

The beautiful ladies of the fam, my grandma (we call her Baba) and my mom.

Best ski group ever, my one day skiing at Squaw...(l to r) me, Keelan McNulty, Alison Ganong, Megan Ganong, Sabrina Leunig, Markus Leunig, Jesse Shirley and Liz Kenny.

John Lange and Mike Prado enjoying an apr├ęs beer in the best seats of the house at the Chammy.

Sub, Jesse and Meg getting their groove on at The Cantina in fun, the bar was filled with all people we knew! We are going to make it our new reunion tradition for the day after Christmas every year!

This was Liz's night, gettin' down with Graham and Keelan, the wild Alaska boys.

Me, Katharine, Markus and great that these parents got some time away from the kiddos to come and play!

Speaking is Sabrina with one of her cute little kids, Nadia...Niko is off running around somewhere.

Beautiful Lake Tahoe, I sure do love you.

Oh Lizard, love you too...until next time...

Tuesday, December 29, 2009

Blogging from Bormio

Check it out brother, Marco finally put a blog post up! Click here and then go to his blog.

I just got home last night from an awesome week in Tahoe, but need a little sleep before I post pics, they will be up soon though, I promise.

Friday, December 25, 2009

Merry Christmas!

Hoping everyone out there had a great X mas. Mine was pretty mellow here. Slept in, Stevie and I made a big breakfast with grapefruit, cinnamon rolls, eggs, and bacon.

Went skiing/rock dodging on Teton Pass this afternoon and now am getting ready to head out to some buds for X mas dinner.

Please let is start snowing in the New Year!

Wednesday, December 23, 2009

Thanks Uncle Pete!

My Uncle Pete has all kinds of talents. Some hidden, some very obvious. He can surf like a madman, fillet a fish in minutes, and without a doubt, make one of the meanest margarita's on the planet. He makes his with 100% real, freshly squeezed limes. Seeings how the only thing I have on my agenda for tomorrow is a day of snowmobiling, I am squeezing limes right now and going to take a couple of margs down in your honor UP! Right on, see you in February in Port Townsend. Yahoo

Monday, December 21, 2009

It's sometimes not fair........

Having a very artistically inclined wife................! Chels always manages to make my projects look kinda lame!

Chels' 2009 Gingerbread house installment.

Undue stress associated with trying to keep up with the Jones' (ie. Chels!)

This has turned into a yearly tradition with us and is always a ton of fun.

Take a look at the two pictures (one above, and one below), take one wild guess as to which house is mine and which one belongs to Chels. It's a pretty simple game of deduction.

Sunday, December 20, 2009

Rocky Road?

Chels left this morning for Tahoe and I am bumming! Stoked for her that she is going to be home with family for Christmas, but I am just missing her already. It's not all doom and gloom though, the Governor of Wyoming sent out an email last week giving all state employees Christmas eve off as a paid day. So, I will get a power packed 4 day weekend for Christmas. Now all we need for Christmas if about 5 feet of snow under the tree. Things continue to be pretty weak here. They did open the upper mountain on Saturday at the Village, however my bases told the story of an epic war battle with the sharp granite rocks that litter the Jackson Hole Mountain Resort with a 30" base. Ouch.....

If the upper mountain was only as awesome as it looked in this picture from Saturday!

Don't be fooled, this run wasn't open under Thunder chair and those little two foot trees sticking above the snow, yep, that pretty much says it all.

Teddy the Eagle crusin..... with the evil inversion lurking on the valley floor.

Friday, December 18, 2009

We Love Marco!

Go Marco!!!

Sending a big shout out to Marco in his downhill in Val Gardena, Italy tomorrow! If you want to get up and watch it live, go to and on the right hit, World Cup - Men's Downhill from Val Gardena. It starts at 6:15 am E.T.....and yes, that means that we are getting up at 4:15 to watch Marco kick some butt!

He got 21st in the Super G today and needs some love from all of you fans, so watch and cheer and shoot him an email to send him a shout!

Marco Rocks!!!

Wednesday, December 16, 2009

Someone loves the holidays

Stevie looking suave with his jingle bell collar

Look...he is even dancing! He loves this time of year.

Monday, December 14, 2009

Traditions live on

Birthday weekend and time for the annual snowmobile trip up to Granite Hot Springs for a soak and Christmas tree hunting (finally!) I am a holiday fanatic, well maybe not that bad, I don't have our neighborhood lit up with lights or anything, but I love December and Christmas music has been playing non-stop for the last 10 days! Trevor secretly loves it, but sometimes when I leave the room, it mysteriously switches to something else, not sure why. Anyway, here was a glimpse of our manic, action-packed-with-awesomeness, Sunday.

Attempted a morning of skiing out at the Village, but in the middle of the first run, my binding when haywire (look at the toe-piece all crooked and out of sorts...not fun to try to get down the rest of the hill like that!) so we packed it up. Not a huge loss as even though it was snowing, there is still only one lift open and a million and one people on it.

Next adventure, snowmobiling up to Granite Hot Springs, look what we saw on the way....

Some smart fellas waiting out the last day of hunting season.

Look at all the new snow! I am riding side-saddle here, haha, just kidding. I am only posing side-saddle for a pic.

Nature is so pretty. Isn't this just the perfect winter wonderland?

Love it here.

Now that is a shock to the toes.

Sometimes the first weekend of the year that Granite is open, you luck out and have the whole place to yourselves...just call us lucky ducks!
Trev was able to cannon-ball into the dirty, mossy hot springs water to his hearts content...

which was good and all, until he got to do this and then he couldn't get enough!

Time to pick a winner. We went deep into the woods to find some poor little guy that probably wouldn't make it anyways from lack of sunlight and love...and here was our lucky (well, unlucky for him) find!

Aren't they both handsome? : )

Our transportation.

And this is how we got our tree the next 8 miles down to the truck. Thank god I have such big guns.

Some more powder-doggin' it for Trev.

And the grand finale.
Happy holidays everyone!!!

Saturday, December 12, 2009

A little Beavfest on our minds!

Beaverfest 2009!

Dear Mom and Dad, what did you look like the night you got engaged? Yep, photo's don't lie! Jesse got down on one knee and Meg said "yes". Brought the house down.

Paul bringing attention to his junk?

Thaw, with what could have been the steeziest costume.

Mr. and Mrs. Robinson

Meg, Jesse, and Ali just after the proposal.

Marco and Chels giving Teddy his props, yep, second year in a row, the "Drunkest Guy" award.

The Meal of the Beav winners.

Damn girls......

This Bud's for you Kee.

Dr. Ballz aka Johnny Mosley serving up some fun producing Jello.


Damn Gina....

Winner, Winner, Saturday night dinner.

Best Dressed Couple?

Awesomely aggressive corsage.

Isn't the US Ski Teams motto "All Out"

Jane, not a day over 23?

Marco signing autographs.

Happy campers entering the headquarters.

We brought the noise.

Best weekend of the year!