Friday, August 29, 2008

Off to the Moon

We are dragging the pop-up along with us to Craters of the Moon National Park this weekend, a place we have driven by many a time, but never explored. Hope you all have a wonderous labor day weekend and we will update you upon our return!

Wednesday, August 27, 2008

Gummy Bear Delight

So this video is just silly fluff that has nothing to do with anything, but I thought it was funny. I finally figured out how to edit videos in iMovie and found all of this classic footage we took from the Beaver Creek World Cup downhill (which the Marco Sullivan Fan Club fondly refers to as "Beaverfest") we went to last December to cheer on my brother. This is really just a teaser because I have edited another video highlighting ALL of Beaverfest, but it will have to wait...maybe until the first snow?

Enjoy Liz being ridiculous and yes, that is me with my hoarse voice cackling like a hyena in the background. : )
xo Chels

Gummy Bear Delight from Chelsea Robinson on Vimeo.

Monday, August 25, 2008

Now THIS is a view

Yesterday Trev and I did an awesome day hike up to Table Mountain in the Tetons. I don't know if you can beat the views from up there, so beautiful. When you get to the top you are literally right next to the Tetons, just on the back side of them. You access it from the Idaho side and it is all wilderness area. You are not actually in the National Park which means dogs are allowed, we asked Stevie if he wanted to join, but he wasn't interested. His loss. Here are a sampling of shots from the top. Was a warm day even at close to 12,000ft. We took a steep shortcut on the way down and the quads are paying for it today.

Hope you all had a great weekend!

Saturday, August 23, 2008

Whole lotta floating

It seemed like it took forever for the rivers to clean up this year after the huge winter melt off, but now that they have, we have been scoring lots of great river days. The fishing has been really good. Managed to float 6 times this week and catch some decent fish. The Idaho trip to the S. Fork of the Snake was a good one. My buds Ted, Cody, and Grant joined the mission. Got what could be the last shirtless/swimming/fishing weather of the year as the leaves are already starting to turn colors and fall is rapidly approaching. Chels and I are heading up to Table Mountain on a day hike tomorrow in the Tetons. Look for some sweet shots from there as it is one of best panorama's in the range.

Friday, August 22, 2008

Pirates & Wenches

I guess you would call it a "Let's Enjoy the End of Summer" party. On Wednesday night, we had a company party that was a little out of the ordinary. We got out of work at 4:30 and got into our pirates & wenches costumes and hit the river. In unusual fashion, we roped 3 huge rafts together and we were off. Trevor was manning one oar on the left and another guy manned the other oar two boats down. Surprisingly, the contraption was fairly maneuverable and the night ended without any catastrophes! Needless to say, lots of fun.

My boss, soaking up the Captain Hook role

Trev in the back manning his one oar

Check out my beautiful locks
One hungry wench

Dinner with a view

Just testing our acrobatic skills

The crew, Chelsea's office and some extras

Pulling in way after dark

Wednesday, August 20, 2008

Fun before the books

Hey gang. Finished up this week with work on a Wednesday with hopes of having an elongated weekend before starting up Grad school full tilt on Monday. Yep, for those of you you haven't heard, I am going back to school this year to get a Special Education cert. The beauty of the process is that I will be able to do it all from the friendly confines of Jackson with the advent of live video streaming in the classrooms. So, I can attend lectures here while they are happening 6 hours away at the U of W in Laramie.

Taking the next couple of days to decompress over on the S. Fork of the Snake with some buds on an overnight float/fishing trip. Here are some shots from the same trip last Fall.


Sunday, August 17, 2008

Kat Living it up Jackson style

Katharine Lange here, guest blogger of the week. I came up to Jackson this winter and had the time of my life, so I came back to visit in the summer to see how it would compare. Let me tell you, Jackson is awesome anytime (well, at least if you get to hang with Chels and Trev)! Can you believe we did all this in 4 days?!

Wednesday night rodeo in Jackson

Katharine borrowed one of our kayaks (while we worked!) and took a nice paddle around Jenny Lake in GTNP on Thursday morning.

Katharine golfing with Trevor and Rob over in Victor, ID at The Links, almost beating the boys!

Taste testing the local brew

The night riders strike again

Katharine dodging bison on her ride along Antelope Flats

Saddling up on the wild Jack-a-lope of Dubois, WY
(horns were stolen, so maybe we will call it a large bunny)

Kat getting ready for the Teton Valley Ranch Camp 70th Anniversary party, sporting the beer bandoleer

Biggest catch of the weekend

Chels and Kat putting their lives in danger in the name of a good photo shoot!

Katharine's first fly fishing experience caught with live camera footage!

Rob Robinson, still got the touch

This beautiful scenery called for a shot-gun
Aaron, Trevor, Katharine and Ted

Whacking golf balls to nowhere

Kat, Trev and Ted saddling up for a ride around Teton Valley Ranch.
Note the beer bandoleer is being put to good use!

Sunday float down the Snake River, always a good cure for a hangover!
Katharine, Trev, Chelsea and Cody Barber

...along with Des and Mark Jennings, Ted, Aaron Copeland,
Mark Duffy and his girlfriend Marta

Now that is a motley crew

Here's to the second biggest catch of the trip!

Can't beat it

Katharine, desperately looking to find a permanent job in Jackson, does a test trial day as Cody's personal assistant...job description had no limits.

P.S. You can click the photos to make larger if you want to see what is really going on. : )

Thursday, August 14, 2008

A new Kat in town

My good friend Katharine Lange got into town last night, driving from Tahoe. She is here through the weekend and we are no doubt ready to show her a good time, in fact she came and visited us this winter and had such a great trip that she decided she had to see what Jackson was like in the summer too. Well, we won't disappoint...we caught the local rodeo last night a half hour after she arrived and then sent her kayaking on Jenny Lake in Grand Teton National Park today while Trev and I worked. This evening its golf time and we are heading to cowboy it up this weekend at Teton Valley Ranch Camp's anniversary party, in Dubois, Wyoming (about an 1 1/2 hour drive from Jackson). Welcome Kat!

Tuesday, August 12, 2008

Our new baby!

This is the product of the only good thing that ever came from the Bush Administration...the stimulus check bought us a scooter! Cool, huh? We ordered it online and it arrived at our door yesterday fully assembled, but for the handle bar and battery. We all took it for a spin around the block, and got the wobbles out right away, it is so fun and will save so much gas. Get this... it takes 2 gallons of gas and gets 80 to 90 miles per gallon! Also it can supposedly go up to 55mph. Next step, start a biker gang.

My mom and Joe left this morning, great trip guys, thanks for the visit!