Monday, September 26, 2016

Fall is the best!

 If late September and early October lasted for a few months you would find zero arguing around these parts!  Love the cold nights, warm days, and all that can be done this time of year.  

Last weekend, out for a hike in the snow.  

 Hard to believe we will be skiing up here in a  little over a month.  

 This photo I like.  Dash of course loved it, as he does with everything being outside.  

 Wind in your face always feels good.  

Sunday, September 25, 2016

THings you do when......

 It is a Friday, you are in Idaho Falls, your truck is getting worked on, and it's super cold out.....

Bike all over the place.  

 Found some sweet deserted, punchy climb roads above town.  

And got to see up close and personal the big fire just outside of town this past summer. 

Friday, September 23, 2016

Dressed and ready to boogie....

 Whenever these two of my favorites get together it is always pure magic.  

 Follow the horn and the sax to the dance floor.  
The bride and groom.  My Uncle Tim and smoking Talli!!  62 years young and rocking!

 Great Uncle Tim and the Dashman.  

 Dash and the grandparents.  

 THe whole fam together, wow, this doesnt happen ever!  X mas card worthy mom?  

 Everyone has to be yanking on someone in life.  


Wednesday, September 21, 2016

Cheers to you Tim and Talli

 Chels and Dash....crashed out, and me attempting to look at places that I recognize below in the southern Utah desert from moto trips at 37k feet.  

 Sorry ladies, Uncle  Tim is officially off the market!  57 years later one of the more eligible bachelors sealed the deal last weekend.  We had a blast down south seeing all kinds of friends and fam.  

 Truly one of my favorite places anywhere.  

 Lizdog Kenny happens to be a friend of Tim's via many a shared trips to Europe and all kinds of SB trips too.  

 Stretching the legs before attempting to sit still at the wedding ceremony.  

 Cousins!  Dash is the youngest right now, and, as a result, the center of attention.  

 Getting ready to walk down the isle.  

When in California, you gotta be cool..

Tuesday, September 20, 2016


 Tonight was the first ride for me since LOTOJA.  Felt awesome to be back on the bike, warm weather, and beautiful colors.  Perfection.  

Wednesday, September 14, 2016

Not entirely sure....

Someone was trying on their new fancy wedding attire today and clearly wasn't enjoying it all that much!

Tuesday, September 13, 2016

More from the finish....

 The back of the truck says it all!  A completely hectic day for all that started at 530 am in Logan, UT, and ended around 6 pm at Teton Village.  Can't say as there are any photos from the day that was on the bike as it was too chaotic for the support crew to attempt to get photos and they just barely made it to the feed zones as it was.  

Hannah has already signed up for support crew again next year, and, Dashman, you are obligated to be there amigo.  

 The calm before the sprint final.  

 Ready for a cold beer!

Happiness at goals achieved and overall safety. 

Monday, September 12, 2016

Lotoja, the day that was....

 Hmmmm, where to even start?  Logan to Jackson, aka LOTOJA is easily one of the more intense, fun, and awesome events I have ever been a part of.  I worked so hard for this goal starting last winter on the trainer bike, then through the spring and summer with long days on the bike, early mornings, and 4,000 miles logged thus far.  I was ready!  But....., racing is still racing, and you never know what is gonna happen with so many variable over the course of 206 miles.  

Luckily it all came together, including my absolute rockstar support crew.  I can remember a  long, long time ago before I started riding bikes seeing Lotoja every September thinking it wold be cool to do someday, all the while feeling like 200 plus miles of riding in a day didnt seem like a lot of fun.  Well, so much can change.  Saturday literally felt like about an hour.  

The fam, at the Village, post race, celebrating.  

 Lotoja has many races within a race.  THere are recreation divisions and there are race divisions.  Within the race divisions there are 5 Categories.  I am in Cat 5.  Within Cat 5 there was 3 still with me?  Each wave had about 60 people in it.  Staggered starts.  So, really you are only racing those in your wave.  

WE had a super strong group.  A "selection" happened over the first major pass of the day (where faster riders leave slower ones behind, never to be seen again).  Our selection group included 10 guys.  We ended up riding all the way to the finish together, and......, I came in second.  The avove shot is the rest of the podium, although...the dude in white ended up being DQ'd after the fact by race officials for public urination in Afton.  Ooops.  

 Thank you Hannah, thank you so so much.  Quite literally, couldnt have done it without you, Dash, and Chels.  My support crew spent 10 hours in the car in a frenetic state of having to haul ass from each feed zone to get to the next.  They just barely made it each time, but they did, which was awesome.  Our group agreed to stop and get food for 30 seconds each stop, then a "nature" break after too.  Our time was 9.5 hours to complete the entire ride, and we stopped for just over 4 minutes total, so, you can imagine how stressful those stops were for all!  

 Hannah keeping Dash entertained.  

 While Dash and I went to bed at 8 am the night before the race, Chels and Hannah had a big night out on the town getting yogurt!  

 Bike racing really is about slim, slim margins most of the time. After 9.5 hours of absolute hammering (we averaged 22 mph for the day) this is the photo finish!  He just barely got me in the end.  

Over the course of the day you kinda make allegiances with other guys in your group who dont have teammates in your wave.  Bryce rode like a boss all day long and won the King of the Mountain up Salt River Pass.  I ended up getting him on the line, but he and I had a blast all day chatting, discussing strategies, and being pumped.  

Friday, September 9, 2016


Tuesday Night Crew enjoying the tourist-free roads this week. 

Wednesday, September 7, 2016

Fall has arrived

 The weather got cold at night and the leaves are all turning, yup, what might just be our favorite season has officially arrived!  

Part of the kid rat pack, always wanting to be near the Dashman.  

 Riding ridges in the high country up Falls Creek.  

 WIth enough layers and down comforters, Dash did well with the sub freezing temps.  

 The camper/moto life.  Already so pumped to do more of this next summer!  

 Shannon, above and below, soaking up the sun, colors, and epic trails.  

 The best.  

 Easily one of the bigger upsides to going camping with other buds with kids........, you actually get to go riding with your spouse while someone else watches your kid!  

 Mom, furry backrest, and finger up my nose, what else could a lil dude ask for in life?  

 This dude loves to hug right now.  

Happy place.