Wednesday, July 27, 2016


 Steve and Dash, Dash and Steve.........two good buds!  

 Dash is learning to be more gentle, Steve is learning not to use his claws.  

And both these awesome dudes love each other! 

Tuesday, July 26, 2016

Wetting a line.

 Yahoo.   The Dashman got out fishing on Sunday with his mom, dad, and grandpa up on the GV.  So much fun!  


 Just when I started catching lots of fish, the Dashman decided to let the white noise of the river put him right to sleep.  

The man, the myth, the legend, Grandpa GR.

Sunday, July 24, 2016


 Yesterday was a good one.  Ended with a bbq at buds.  

 In the middle was a private beach n beer session down at the Sporting Club thanks to Des!  

Ready with Grandpa GR.
 Our own private beach.  

And the cherry on top......, playing golf at the Sporting Club.  Des, anytime you need someone to chase the white ball around with just let me know, that place rules. 

Friday, July 22, 2016

Well worth it

 Luckily 430 am wake up calls are easy enough for me, especially when you get  this kind of view and 75 miles of beautiful biking in and still get to the office by 9 am.  

 This morning had it all.  Rainbows, bright colors, smoke, it was pretty damn amazing to be out and about at that early hour to watch the day come alive.  

 One more awesome shot of negotiating a techy section last weekend.  

Happy 69th Dad! 

Thursday, July 21, 2016

Already fired up for summer of '17

 Last of the North Idaho moto extravaganza photos.  

Drew, in the middle of the 111 trail on the backside of Packsaddle Mountain.  Riding through Cedar groves is really cool.  

 Steve, charging on yet another beautiful, grippy, and outstanding trail up the Cda River drainage.  

 Getting to the top of Packsaddle Mtn was a whole lot of this type of riding for two miles straight.  Super techy.  

 This really personifies riding up in North Idaho.  Buff trails, green, perfect dirt, waterfalls, forest canopy so thick the sun doesnt make it through, good buds, empty trails, and a non stop no fall zone!  Easy to see why we love it so much up there.  
Drew and Aaron stopping to smell the awesomeness.  

 Riding these type of stuff all day long truly puts a smile on ones face!  

You are never far from a creek crossing while riding in North Idaho. 

Huge thanks once again Mom and Dad for running the best Moto B&B of all time!  You guys are the best.  

Wednesday, July 20, 2016

The best.

 Riding Moto in North Idaho is so out of this world it is hard to describe.  

This day my folks were awesome enough to run a shuttle for us so we didnt have to backtrack, and they met us on the last trail we rode at the end of the day while they hiked too.  

The crew, getting ready to peel off on another all day epic mission.  

 A guy and his mom!  

 8 hours later, look who I found on the trail!

 Amazing views on the last trail of the day.  

 All fired up, tired, and ready for a cold beer at lake level where the truck was shuttled to.  

 Drew catching some air off of a bridge to no where! 

The hiker and her doggie, catching a breath, scoping the scene. 

Monday, July 18, 2016

The North Country

 Easily one of the highlights of every summer is the annual trip up to where I grew up to go ride moto with buds and stay with my parents.  This past weekend we rode like wild bandits for 4 days of off the hook goodness.  

Day one started off with a bang on the desolate and amazing trails near Saltese, MT.  Right on the border of Idaho and Montana.  

 A lil hard to tell here, but this was a super steep no fall zone.  

 Aaron surveying the landscape.  

 Steve letting the world know that the 430 wake up call to leave JH that morn was well worth it.  

 The hard charging yearly crew that are my buds Aaron, Drew, and Steve.  

Steve's very comfy and ultra fast moto hauler in route. 

THe Links

 Chels started her budding golfing career up in CHico when we were visiting her dad.  

 And the Dashman helped us reading the breaks.  

 And now loves pushing his chariot.  

 The golfers.  

 Mr. Road trip himself.  

 Classic Tahoe beach scene.  

 Lunch at the Sierra Nevada brewery.

4th of July crowds at Tahoe. 

Thursday, July 14, 2016

Death Ride

 Another Death Ride in the books!  It was a windy one this year......

Coming back up Monitor Pass looking south.  

Just a few bike dorks milling about. 

Tuesday, July 12, 2016


 Tahoe is always such a treat, state of mind, and awesome place to have so many friends and fam!  The fam took a random way of getting there.  I drove, Chels and Dash flew.  I left at o dark thirty to get in a bike ride on the way and Chels had to work, then fly later in the afternoon.  

I rode what is considered the #1 climb in Idaho, Mt. Harrison on the way.  Super, super cool climb near Twin Falls.  Bike on the top of the climb looking out over the Snake River plain.  

 Selfie on top of the climb with the lookout in the background.  

 Passed Pomerelle Ski Area en route up. 

 12 hour drive and almost 4 hour bike ride later...., I met this lil dude and his mom at the Reno airport.  

 And of course, BN was very happy to see the lil guy.  

First day of the vaca I got to go to the Reno Tahoe Open PGA even.  So rad!