Sunday, January 31, 2010

All in a Friday afternoon

Friday afternoon we took off with the snowmobile to start the weekend early. We went up Shadow Mountain as it neared sunset and the views were breathtaking! It was one of those days where we truly realized how lucky we are to live here and get to see this beauty whenever we want!

Trev scoping the view

Catching the sun

Look at this, does it get any better?

Two thumbs up for the Tetons and cool cloudy skies

Flying over the Grand

What an awesome afternoon!

Look at our beautiful surroundings and Trev's mad snowmobiling skills

More mad skills, throwing some 360's in the mix

This was on our ride down, with me holding the camera and showing you the view from my "shotgun" seat (Trev stand behind me and holds the handlebars to steer). Doesn't the crystalized snow look magical here?

Thursday, January 28, 2010

Schweitzer is my Favorite!

Two weeks and counting until Chels and I hit the road to travel up through Coeur d' Alene, Idaho (Where I grew up) en route to Whistler and the Olympics to watch Marco. We are going to get one if not two days at Schweitzer Mountain where I grew up skiing. It's funny how nostalgic you get when thinking about to where you learned to ski and all the awesome memories associated with it. Adam left some pictures on our computer from his trip there over X mas and I am taking the liberty of posting them because Schweitzer has been on my mind!

Having called mountains such as Jackson Hole, Bridger Bowl, and Squaw Valley USA as my home hills, Schweitzer is still easily my favorite place to ski on the whole planet. I know it like the back of my hand and love its down home, North Idaho, funky vibe.

And, the pictures don't lie, it's so damn beautiful when the sun actually shines.

Chair #4 with Lake Pend Orielle in the background, on a clear day at Schweitzer you can see into British Columbia, Montana, and Washington, all the while standing in Idaho.

Adam with what is easily of the best views in all of skiing.

Tuesday, January 26, 2010

It just keeps coming

Fitting end to a rad long weekend my bud Adam had in town this morning. We started hiking up Teton Pass a little after 6 with headlamps to lead the way. Gotta motivate early these days to get back to town by 9 am for work. Have to say though, you look at work much differently after turns like these! These are some killer shots of Adam in deep this morning.

Shoulder Deep, boooya

Coming out of the tansition

Taking a warm up in the shelter on top of Teton Pass

Little out of focus, but pretty sure that quantifies as "blower"

Me, the white monster

Adam and Me up on top of Teton Pass just as the daylight was starting to emerge.

We have finally started to get some snowbanks on the side of HWY 22

Adam walking back up to the truck after a sweet dawn patrol lap

Below is a quick little video from Sunday out at the Village, I like powder!

Monday, January 25, 2010

More Weekend Goodness

This weekend was epic! We got snow. FINALLY! And a lot of it. I guess it made us all remember why we love winter so much, man was it fun. I don't know if I saw anyone in all of Jackson that wasn't bearing a huge ear to ear grin this weekend.

So on Saturday, while Trev and Adam went snowmobiling, I coached some J4/J5 kids (10 and 11 year old racers) and we got to freeski at the Village all day. Even though I couldn't rip around quite as much as I wanted (a hot chocolate break always seems to be mandatory) it was a ton of fun watching my girls rip it up.

This is what it looked like every time I looked up the hill, them all layed out in powder so deep I could see nothing but their helmets poking out.

These are my rugrats!

Last run of the day...I think I wore them out! : )

On Sunday, we got 20" more snow and we all got to ski together, here are Adam and Trev waiting for the tram.

Some satisfied customers.

I love snow in the trees!

Nothing better to end the day with then this view on the drive home!

Saturday, January 23, 2010

The Snow Has Landed

Yes!!!!!! The Motherload has finally landed here in Jackson. We got the storm everyone has been wanting/needing all winter long. It's weird how ski towns mental health normally goes hand and hand with the snow conditions. Everyone has been pretty bummed so far this year, but after today, the whole valley will be euphoric! We got close to 4 feet this week, and 17" last night. 17" in Jackson accumulates different than anywhere else I have seen in the ski world. It doesn't compact at all so it seems deeper than the inch total would indicate.

It was literally shoulder deep in places!

Living the viva loca in the white room.

After hitting up a powder run, you would have to clean off the goggles from all the snow!

Is there a snowmobile under there somewhere?

My high school bud Adam Grace is in town for the weekend. He comes into the valley every year now and manages to bring the noise and the snow every time he visits. Gettin' some on only his second day on a sled!

Adam charging.

I guess this was so cool I added it twice?

The conditions were tough for someone just learning to sled, but Adam, true to his soldier roots hung hard.

Friday, January 22, 2010

Another First Timer

Now you guys are not going to believe this one, I took my friend Mindy out skiing today, her first time EVER and look at her ripping! I guess that is where her daughter Sarah gets it from! Good work girl!

Maybe it was her awesome coach or maybe it was her signed helmet that Marco gave her when we were in Tahoe (it says "Mindy, Go Big!") Who knows?

Oh and congrats to Marco on 11th place in the Kitzbuhel Super G, some awesome skiing and the Downhill is tomorrow....kick some butt Marco!!!! If you want to check out Marco's skiing, go here.

Thursday, January 21, 2010

BroomBall And Taking No Prisoners

Where are all the fans at?

Our mighty team, D & E Cabinets....!

Given that both Chels and I are pretty competitive people, we got into Broomball a handful of winters ago and are pretty much addicted now. We play every Tues and Thurs from Dec until the playoffs end in the middle of Feb. Our team is already worried that we might not be there for the playoffs which will be during the Olympics in Feb! D & E Cabinets is our proud team. We won the city league two years ago and finished second last season. So far we are 8-1 this year and will be taking the #1 seed into the playoffs which start next week.

Kudos to the refs who are out there every night in below zero weather with nothing but beers to keep them company.

This is what a broomball stick looks like.

You play without hockey skates, just tennis shoes on the ice, so, it takes a reasonable amount of skill to navigate around and stay upright.

Walking back to the trucks victorious.

Wish us luck in the playoffs!

Wednesday, January 20, 2010

Check out this vid

This is great...a video on the famous Wildflour Baking Company (better known as The Cookie Shop) in Squaw Valley which HONESTLY has the best cookies and cinnamon rolls ever! This features our friend "Cookie Sue" the owner of the shop and Marco talking about the real reason he keeps skiing. If anyone is ever going to Squaw, you must go check them out, you won't regret it!

Tuesday, January 19, 2010

Big City living in Idaho Falls

Not wanting the lack of snow in Jackson to bum us out, we still went skiing on Sunday and had a blast. The tram taking a full load up to the top. Thing is pretty badass looking huh!

The overall general sentiment in the valley is one of "Let it Snow."

Trev and Ted with the Gros Venture Mountain Range in the background.

Ted, Chels, and Lauren Stevenson (in town from New York City for the weekend, awesome seeing ya Lauren!)

Didn't I mention something about wanting to take more couples shot with my awesome wife?

After skiing on Sunday, we made the move to head over to Idaho Falls, ID (out closest and biggest town with a myriad of shops/ 2 hours away) to hit up the big city and do some fun things we can't find here in Jackson. We all had MLK day off which ruled, so, off we charged post skiing over to I.F.

Yep, you can't bowl in Jackson, but our noses took us right to the goods over in IF!

Things got highly competitive!

Pretty sure I wasn't over the line.

Teddy whispering sweet, strike and spare songs to Chels' really light, pink ball.

Things were tight, Trev edged Teddy by 1 pin and Chels had a personal best too!

After bowling we went to Avitar in 3D (was only showing in 2D in Jackson). All I can say is see this movie asap, and make it in 3D. It's so, so, so cool..

All smiles.

Ahh, the big city of I.F. did not disappoint.