Monday, February 29, 2016

Happening early yet again..

 Yet again, two springs in a row that winter came in very strong, was amazing while it lasted, and if the last couple of weeks are of any indication, is going out like a lamb.  Warm temps has grass showing in town and a lot of critters starting to show up in random places.  Such as....., a moose in my bud Drew's front yard.  

 On walks all over town.  

Woa.....Jean Lange, hey there!  Chels and Jean hit the Snake River walking dyke the other day.  See you in Tahoe in July Jean. 

Sunday, February 28, 2016

Every once in a blue moon...

 Chels and I will strap on our ski swap $10 nordic set ups and go for a ski.  To say that we are into nordic skiing surely wouldn't be true.  But....., every time we do go we have a great time.  We don't have the fancy attachments for the stroller, but found  that rope and a sled work just as well!  Dash had an absolute blast.  For those that are super into nordic skiing, I know that Jackson is lucky to have groomed trails all over the valley and is certainly and untapped resource for us.  

 Doesn't take much to entertain these two! 

 Love GTNP.

 Just being awesome.  

 The three of us stoked on a new adventure. 

Thursday, February 25, 2016

One second a day for Year One

My passion project for the past year turned out even cooler than I ever could have expected, one second of video of Dash every day for the first year of his life. Enjoy!

Wednesday, February 24, 2016

The Dashanator

Des just sent this shot from over a month ago when he was looking after Dash went Chels and I were sled skiing up on Togwotee.  I like to think Dash is looking outside wishing he was sled skiing too!

Tuesday, February 23, 2016


 I like the sneaker days, whether it be skiing or sledding.  You know, those days were when you walk out the door in the morn you dont think the conditions are going to be all that amazing, but you go just to get fresh air and because you love the sport.  

Then, with little to no expectations, you strike gold and find epicness.  Last Sunday was one of those days.  It hasnt snowed for real in way too long, temps have been warm in the valley, but up in the mountains, the conditions were badass.  

Jesse and Nate, lunch hour.  

 Riding Teton Pass is always awesome.  Its ten minutes from town and the riding is so sweet.  Nate is a bonifide sledder.  

 Scoping ski lines from afar.  

Looking north in the Tetons towards the expanse that is Phillips Pass and Rendezvous Peak. 

Sunday, February 21, 2016

Happy Bday my man!

 The last year was filled with highs and lows, but Dash coming on the scene was the best change ever for myself and Chels.  It has changed our lives for the better in unmeasurable ways.  

Dash discovering the winter hat cubby.  

 Calm before the storm.  Dash got his 1 year shots on Friday and has been super sick ever since.  

 Chels rules!  Homemade organic from scratch "smash cake".  Poor Dash was so sick he couldnt really enjoy it.  

THe little ones wondering what in the hell the adults were doing to try and make them smile.  It must have been weird! 

Saturday, February 20, 2016


 If you are going to use an air mattress to dominate sledding you might as well use a snowmobile to take you to the top of the hill after each run!  

Chels giving her mom a lift back up.  

 Rena dominating on the sled.  

 This very well might be one of my favorite pics of the fam to date!  It sums up in one shot just how rad Dash and his mom are!  Chels navigated a blizzard, Dash, and towing a heavy sled with all of our gear on the way out.  Super mom!  

 Great weekend of having fun in the mountains.  Already pumped to head back this summer and again next winter.  

Friday, February 19, 2016


 Building our own outstanding sled track with a lift up reminded us a lot of the last time these two got to go sledding together, which was in Garmisch, Germany in 12'.  

At the bottom, safe, and somewhat sound.  

 No matter how many times you tell little kids they dont even know how lucky they are to be able to do something like this, it still doesnt resonate!  SOmeday when they look back at pictures it will! 

 Looking out over the valley to the east toward Heber City, Kamas, and the Uintas.  We rode moto in those hills in the fall.  It all comes full circle!  

Dash making sure Babba Nans keeps it between the lines!  

Chels got to make a few refroze, slush, not that great of snow turns, but was all smiles nonetheless. 

Wednesday, February 17, 2016

Reason to celebrate....

Today is a big day in the life of us!  The Dashdude turned 1 today.  Hard to believe on some levels, and easy on others.  We have enjoyed every minute of the last year and are so appreciative of having Dash in our lives.  

Chels and Dash did a painting today.  Well, Dash painted and Chels supervised.  I unfortunately was working.  
 Dash did slow down long enough to pose for his monthly photo.  


I have a feeling this will become a yearly tradition between Dash and his artistic mom! 

Tuesday, February 16, 2016

Spring time

 One of the morns I did an exploratory mission on the sled up and over Guardsmen Pass and to Brighton Ski Area.  

 Dash doing his best to keep up with all the bigger kids.  

 Team Happe.  A solid sledding session ensued with saucers, mats, boogie boards, etc.  And best part of all, the motorized sled picked everyone up at the bottom.  

 Michelle and Riley

 Yes Rena!!  Team Sullivan was charging.  

De De in her happy place soaking up some warm rays chilling with Zoe.

Landing with two solid feet

 Back from a baller weekend down in SLC/Park City/Deer Valley and wishing we were back already.  What an awesome time.  

Babba Nans flew in for the weekend and got to get some solid Dashdude time.   

WHen in the big city, one shops, for kids!

 And once the shopping duties are finally all taken care of....., one heads to the hills for a weekend of sledding, skiing, cabins, and a snowcat......?  What..., yep.  

The Happes pulled through strongly on an offer that has been out there for a while but the cabin that Matt has been fixing up hasnt been ready up until now.  

 Loading up the cat, Guardsmen pass in the background.  

 Matt and I went for an afternoon rip on the boundary of Deer Valley.  

 Locked, loaded, and ready to have a badass weekend.  

Home for the weekend.  Please pinch us!  The cabin was two miles via sleds and cat from the truck. 

Thursday, February 11, 2016

Dash doings

 Sometimes I can't hang with Dash when Chels teaches yoga during the week, so, often times Leigh and "peanut" the dog take over.  

Welp...., this happened yesterday.  By no means is he walking, but he is standing on his own with a ton of support and an immense amount of worry on his part of how he is going to get back down to the safety of the seated position. 

Wednesday, February 10, 2016

Just a block away

Monday ritual in Jackson, the Monday skin n ski up and down the King.  The King is closed on Monday's and it literally feels like half the town heads out there with their dogs and buddies for a lap.  Ben and I caught a nice evening ski this Monday. 

Tuesday, February 9, 2016

Gonna have to be a habit

 Now that we know the Dashdude can navigate up to the hotsprings, return visits this spring will be happening!  

Leigh with Dash.

 Beautiful Granite Creek.  

Leigh, Virg the b day girl, and Chels

  Team swim.

 I love this photo!  Dash, the ruler of the Kingdom of Cute

 Getting ready for the sled out.  

 I guess sledding 10 miles with your kid in a  backpack isnt normal is some places in this country?  All the tourists at the parking lot when we got back wanted pictures of Dash crashed out!  

Team SledRobs!!!  Yes.