Tuesday, July 31, 2012

5 years already?

Randomly came across this picture of Chels and Me in Guatemala on our honeymoon close to 5 years ago tonight.  It made me smile!

Monday, July 30, 2012

Century Club And Then Some....

 The "STD" Tour of Idaho crew set out with a goal of 80 plus miles on Saturday to see how the bodies would stand up to the rigors of that can of abuse.  We clocked 103 miles of singletrack, atv trails, and forest service roads.  

Drew and Me atop Red Ride looking down to the S. Fork of the Snake River near Irwin, ID and the end of the epic day.

 Temps were high enough to warrant a side trip to the Pallisades for a swim.

 And some mud rooster tails!

 Steve clearing through a massive log.

Part of the ride was a test run with our bikes as close to TOI specific as possible.  Drew rode with a tool pack on the back fender, front gas tank where the number plate would normally be, and then another 2 gallons of fuel in his backpack.  We all managed to make it work despite the extra weight.
Steve climbing to the top of Red Ridge
 Mom, yes, pretty much all the pictures we are throwing on the blog lately are from my phone.  Pretty sweet huh?  And yes, I am tough enough for a pink phone.

 Sunday was hotter than hell too, so, we rode in the Bighole Mountains out of Victor, ID with the mindset of making it to Packsaddle Lake for a swim.  Drew, getting airborne off the rope swing.

Couple of shots of me, aka the team photographer, as captured by Steve.

Sunday, July 29, 2012

TOI Here We Come

The Tour Of Idaho is rapidly approaching.  The "STD" crew got after it this weekend and is ready to rip.  Steve, Trevor and Drew all got together to tweak and fine tune our gear and riding styles for the big assault on the entirety of Idaho on dirt on a moto in a week.  We managed to sneak in an evening ride on Friday night.  Some nice shots.

Sunset over 4th of July Ridge out of Fall Creek near Swan Valley, ID.

 "Steve-O" our resident voice of reason and 57 years really young badass.

 Steve and Drew atop of "4 Corners" with a nice bow' in the background.

All signs point to amazing singletrack.  Yea, the mud on Drew's  Honda is from when I rooster tailed him in a mud puddle.  Ooooops!
Steve, sans headlight racing the fading sun looking down toward a fresh fire in the flats of Idaho near Blackfoot.

Catching a nice 'bow at "4 Corners" trail junction.

Thursday, July 26, 2012

Random summer shots....

 Hell yes....the weekend is here!  Chels is up at Mt. Hood for the next week ski coaching and I am here in Jackson with nothing planned but riding dirtbikes!  I have ridden the past 4 nights after work and have 3 massive rides planned for this weekend over in Idaho for the run up to the Tour of Idaho...


So, just came across some random shots of the goodness that is the JH summer we have taken the past couple of weeks for your viewing pleasure.

Sunset at the "wedding tree."

 Chels, self portrait on Slide Lake.

 The Teeters, the coolest mountain range around.

Our community garden plot is starting to sprout and take hold.....no thanks to Chels and Me!  We have been slacking, but luckily, the rest of the crew we planted seeds with back in May have been far more diligent that we have and wahhhhlah, we have veggies!

Wednesday, July 25, 2012

Never Enough....

 Aidan,  Rolfe, and the Miwok coming into port at Given's Gulch.

 Not really a monster, but the fish were hitting streamers too.

Sizing up a must make putt on the 8th hole.
 The crew, finding shade on the course...

The entirety of our Smith River crew.  Sweet trip boys.
Osama bin guidin and Rolfe making headway to the shade.
 Classic Smith River scene.  Doesn't get any better.

 Rolfe with a nice brown.

Sunset at Canyon Depth boat camp.
Aidan and a nice brown.

Tuesday, July 24, 2012

Smith River Take 1

The yearly voyage to the Smith River was as epic as ever this year.  After close to 20 Smith trips over the years, I find myself loving the place more and more with each trip.  The crew, the water, boat camps, and the stoke change every year and that is what makes it great.  

Scenery shot in White Sulphur Springs, MT.
The rigs heading to Camp Baker.  Our crew was so small this year, (just 6 of this) we rolled with only two vehicles.  
Rolfe, with a Smith River brown town.
The standard cave man entertainment alive and well.

It was hot on the river this year and we were searching "sheddies" (shade eddies) like it was our jobs.

Apparently I racked up quite the bill at Heaven on Earth?
Easily one of the best aspects of the Smith River?  Golf, in the middle of nowhere.

Rolfe with proper country club attire.

Ballgame and facial hair?

Scooter the calf was our bud.

Filling up the water jugs with Indian Springs water.
 I managed to find and pioneer a cliff on the Smith.  I had been looking for one to jump for years and hadn't located one with a deep enough landing.  Well, I found one!

 The crew, with out 7th member, the blow up doll.

The fishing was good this year, but we didnt catch any "monsters."
 The stoke was running high as always en route to Camp Baker.

Double Stacked for your pleasure.

Monday, July 23, 2012

The SLC crew came into town two weekends ago for a little moto and camping.  Was awesome having the Happe's and their adopted son Curt here to hang and show them some "that is the best moto trail I have ever ridden."  

Curt, bogged down trying to get out of the funk.

And then the dirt stash afterward!

Matt had an unfortunate wreck that ended up in a trip to the emergency room and a bit more arthritis to his resume!  Luckily, no broken neck.

Matt and Shannon above on top of Munger Mtn.  

The moto crew up Horsetail in the Gros Ventures.  The Happes claimed it was the best moto trail they have ever ridden which is saying something with all the moto miles they have between the two of them.

Shannon frolicking in the flowers.

Good times.