Tuesday, February 28, 2012

Can This Be Groundhog Day?

The snow was deep enough that you could just "point it" downhill and come up for air in between turns.
Drew mining for precious metal.

Tim, a ski, and a helmet.

Wow, it happened! This winter for all the bitchin by the locals has actually been really good despite the below slightly below average snow totals. Well, Sunday was the day! We went up Mosquito Creek and it was DEEEEEEEEP!

Drew, showing what sledding is all about in the tight trees. Everyone who rides sleds has a particular type of terrain that they like to ride best. As I am sure you have seen to the point of exhaustion on the blog, and further illustrated with my favorite shot of the winter so far.....we seek tight trees that require quick maneuvers and a ton of balance control. Sledding is more of a finesse sport than people think it would be. Much of the day when in timber like this you are not going much faster than 10mph, so, its a ton of throttle control, line selection, etc.

For the cherry on top, the sun came out for the second half of the ride and we were able to charge, get airborne and actually see what we were riding.

Drew, part I going large.

and part II.....the soft, face shot filled landing.

This is what it's all about....Drew in the first and last shot of a multiple shot sequence I took on a steep side hill powder turn. That is the kinda turn you wait all winter for.

I mentioned it was deep?

Sunday, February 26, 2012

Sun and Powder....two of our favorite things.

Chels and I both are lucky enough to have Friday's off every week, so, when the sun is out and it has been snowing all week, better take advantage! Togwotee and Angle Mountain served up an afternoon of good times Friday.
Chels ready to make some freshies.

Hauling ass!

Seems all Chels wants to do anymore is get a little air under her skis!

This is how I like my Friday afternoons to look.

First turns of the day with the Buffalo Valley and the Tetons in the background.

Dern, that's pretty.

I am smiling under the massive sled helmet, I promise!

Like I said, all Chels wants to do is air it out.

You betchah.

Friday, February 24, 2012

Stevie lives for the weekend

Stevie and his sometimes pal "Mary the Moose" were stoked the weekend made it!

Thursday, February 23, 2012

Sometimes the Fed's Have it Right

The weeks are kinda getting away from us! This is a blog devoted to last weekend when we celebrated all the fine presidents of the good ol' USA by riding snowmobiles on federally owned land out to a federally owned cabin (Forest Service) and staying for a night. America, You Know it....

Me, Drew, and Brandi trying to get Kipper into her backpack for the 7 mile sled into the cabin! She was a trooper and a budding sledneck.

Brandi and Kipper, one happy, one.....nervous?

7 miles of mellow riding lead us to our own cabin in the middle of nowhere complete with fresh powder, sunshine, propane heat, etc.

Okay, let's go skiing!

Once we turned on the heat in the cabin, we unloaded and tore up the nearest road we could find which accessed a sweet ridge for some late afternoon turns and cornice jumping, courtesy of Drew.

Chels hucking huge off a cornice.

Pretty pumped to be in a valley with no tracks in sight and a warm cabin to ski down to. The cabin is in the meadow just above Chelsea's shoulders.

Chels farming some low angle regrowth powder en route back to the cabin. Yahoo. The fresh snow was the best quality snow we have seen all winter.

Lodgepole Pines make for sweet ski lines.

Chels navigating her way back down to the valley floor.

All the creature comforts of home miles from the nearest signs of civilization! If you are lucky enough to live in America, then you too should take advantage of all the federally owned cabins, guard stations, fire lookouts, etc. that are available to anyone to rent. Have a look online, you will be pleasantly surprised how many there are, what rad locations they can be found in, they are accessible, and they make camping really comfy.

Chels, Drew, and Brandi sharing an Indian meal and Drew hoarding a massive steak!

The snow was "too good" to not go for a night ride. We hopped on the 'biles and tore after it in some big, open meadows til the wee hours.

Standard fare to get anyone ready for a day of sled skiing.....hashbrowns, eggs, and bacon.....umm, hold the bacon for Chels.

Chels and I have stayed in different cabins a couple of times before. They all have their own flavor and nuances that make them cool. This time we stayed in the Johnson Guard Station which is actually in Idaho, but accessed via Auburn, WY which is about an hour and a half from Jackson.

Snow angels are a must.

The second day we found some "honey holes" that were good for sled-skiing, ie, I drive Chels to the top of a ridge, drop her off, and then we ride down together, her on skis, me on the sled. Everyone is happy!

Sometimes skiing mellow terrain can be just as fun as the rowdy stuff. Chels, always smiling when skiing, especially when its good!

The crew before we rode out. We tandem rode the day before to the top of the ridge in the background and skied/sleded back down in knee deep fluff.

Freaking Awesome! Kipper, Brandi and Drew and all the gear you need strapped on for a night and two days of fun in the middle of nowhere.

Monday, February 20, 2012

This is the end

All the Europe pics kinda took a while to get sorted and up on the blog. Apologies! The last few days in Chamonix were devoted to watching Marco race at Les Houches aka, "the houchies". It is the more mellow ski area in the Chamonix valley and a really cool place to see a race.

Rena and Lizzdogger in Les Houches, the town.

We got there early and stayed late every day soaking in the atmosphere.

The Marco Rocks Fan Club, cold, but ready to rock.

Ski racing fans in Europe know how to throw down.

Yep, they are related.

The pastries in Chamonix were out of control.

French knee brace models?

Reason #24 that Europe is cool in the winter......, spiced/hot wine! Vin Chaud is awesome, and even more cool if it is portable and strapped so someones back.

Rolfe about ready to disect Didier Cuche's run with him over a Vin Chaud.

The bottom end of the race course looking up valley toward Chamonix.

The last morning we were there the sun came out and gave us the first unobstructed views of the valley. This was the little alley we would walk up to our chalet from town center. In the background is the top of Brevent ski area.

Best snowmobile I saw the whole time in Europe!

Europe had one of the biggest cold snaps in recent history when we were there. It felt like being in Jackson.

Tram that we had ridden earlier in the week at Brevent. It was a white out when we were up there so we didnt have a ton of perspective as to how badass the lift was. It lets you off right on the top of that massive cliff.

My good bud "Porc" and his girlfriend Victoria came down from Sweden for the weekend to hang out, ski, and watch Marco. Awesome seeing them. Also, scope the fur jacket on the lady in the background. Wow. Can't teach that.