Wednesday, April 27, 2011

Spring Break - Vegas!

So we continue on...destination Santa Barbara, but what just happens to be in between the Grand Canyon and the beach? The monstrosity they call Las Vegas. So we decided to take advantage of a little city life, met my mom (who had some work there) and lived it up!

Here is the Grand Canyon sunrise we caught at 5am. So worth the sleepy morning.

Look at this beauty, we just tried to soak it all in.

Then off to the Hoover Dam! What an amazing piece of man-made work. It was incredible looking over the edge and 726 feet to the bottom....Trev was content taking the photos.

We have arrived.

Our luxury digs. At least we are well-protected.

Trev and my mom!

Room party!

Out on the town...okay, not really, but out at the MGM.

This is how we spent most of our time, soaking up the rays poolside with loud dance music blaring and lots of ogling other people...that is why I have my Vegas shades on.

Hot stuff and palm trees.

Trev managed to fit a round of golf in too. A desert course all to himself, not bad!

Spring Break - Desert part 2

Our next stop...the Grand Canyon! Can't tell you how nice a little sun and heat felt after a long cold winter. We decided to go on this 6-mile hike to a place called Skeleton Point which turned out to be awesome. It was steep and pretty and very jump-for-joy worthy!

Tuesday, April 26, 2011

Spring Break 2011

We are finally home from our amazing Spring Break adventure and what a trip it was...a 10 day road trip with a little desert, a little city and some beach! Pure bliss.

Our first night we jetted out of Jackson snowstorms and to Salt Lake, stayed with friends and then were off to the Vermillion Cliffs area near the Grand Canyon. We camped out at Lake Powell (below is the awesome sunrise from our tent) and hiked around the Coyote Buttes, 6 hours of scrambling, rock climbing and are a barrage of pics with many more to follow in the coming days!

Thursday, April 14, 2011

Thank you winter

Today we leave on a road trip to Santa Barbara...our spring break has finally begun! But we had to pay a little homage to the amazing winter we had, thank you 2011. Here is a montage of video from Trevor's backcountry ski and snowboard missions and a little of whoever else was lucky enough to get to tag along with him....including a little of me! Enjoy!

Tuesday, April 12, 2011

Trying something new

A new toy has emerged! I know Mom and Dad, I can see the two of you shaking your heads right now at your computer (along with Chelsea).

Well, if nothing else in life, I really like trying new pursuits. When tons of buddies who are skiers started saying how fun snowmobiles were, I listened. They were more than right. All any of my sled buddies can talk about is how fun dirtbikes are. Well, I listened!

I got a hitch for it that is essentially a bike rack on steriods. This way, I can haul the boats and the dirtbike together and can do river shuttles on my own now.

I had work down in Kemmerer, WY yesterday (3 hours from Jackson, hence the sun and lack of snow in the picture) and picked it up there from my buddy Matt who picked it up in SLC for me and was nice enough to meet me half way.

I have yet to name it, any ideas?

Sunday, April 10, 2011

It keeps coming.....!

This epic winter will not end! Seems like a ton of people are bitching about it at this point and are "over" it. Why, when the conditions have been so insane? Our mountains got 3 feet this past week and we were on it all three days snowmobiling and skiing, as if it might be the last chance at deep powder until next December.

Above shot of Tim, barely visible charging on his Ski-doo.

Tim, scoring the white goods. Think that is his sled's right ski poking out!

The riding was so deep you would literally have to stop every few turns to wipe your goggles free of snow to see where the hell you were piloting.

Today ruled! Chels and I went up on Togwotee Pass to sled ski. I gave Chels rides to the top of Angle Mountain, dropped her off, then we both ripped turns back down to the bottom, her on skis, and me on the sled.

We scored unreal April pow! You can see the lodge on the bottom left of the above picture where we would ski and sled back down to.

Chels and the poor man's helicopter.


Friday, April 8, 2011

When work isn't too bad

Certainly one of the fringe benefits of traveling all over the state of Wyoming for work is getting to leave the snowy confines of Jackson (it literally does not stop snowing!). In many places in the state, spring has sprung. I was in Thermopolis a couple of days ago and was lucky enough to play golf in shorts!

And then came back to Jackson......

And had the deepest powder run of the year yesterday! Look for the video sometime next week.

Wednesday, April 6, 2011

Baseball is back

Well, looks like Trev has been converted! The other night for date night he set up a ballpark theme night for the Giants season opener game against the Dodgers...

The Giants played horribly and lost, but we still had fun!

Even some ballpark food to complete the atmosphere, yum! Looking forward to another long and hopefully awesome baseball season from the Giants again this year!